Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Since I don't have friends that feed my Pyrex addiction like Amy C. does, I have to feed it myself!! And boy, do I feed it!! Too much so most of the time! Anyway, this is what I fed my addiction with this past weekend thrifting and antiquing.

Aqua Snowflake Casserole

Pink Desert Dawn Baking Dish

Yellow & Black 442 Gooseberry

Kim Chee Promo casserole

Pyrex Meat platter

Woodland mugs

Even though I already have this, I couldn't resist it at a price of $2.50!!

Pressed Flowers

So, all in all, I think my addiction was fed rather well this past weekend. Hope yours was too!! :)


  1. Ooo!! I have a yellow desert dawn baking dish and the pressed flowers casserole!! I love them both!!!! Nice finds!

  2. LOVE the Kim Chee promotional- definitely never seen that one "in person"! Anything in that buttery yellow color is my absolute favorite!

  3. $2.50 for the pressed flower? Amazing!

  4. Paskiaq: Yes...it was at a GW in my hometown, and it was half off day!! I already have one, but I couldn't just leave it there.

  5. I rarely leave them there. I feel guilty if I do. If I dont bring it home, who will? lol

  6. Of course you couldn't leave it! That would be sacrilege! You can always trade it for something else on your wish list with another Pyrex collector.