Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Green!

I've taken a little pyrex thrifting break - merely because my kitchen is at capacity and I've realized that I have absolutely no willpower when I find something...even if it's a piece I already have or don't need.  However, I broke the fast yesterday and managed to come up all green!  There was also a spring blossom round casserole, but that, and the smaller cinderella, have already found their way to my friend's house (see honey, I didn't keep ALL four pieces).

Green pyrex makes me happy - especially when I (finally) see the colors mirrored in my newly sprouting spring garden (can you tell Portland is finally having a sunny day - it does wonders for lifting the winter doldrums).

Happy weekend, I'm headed back to the garden! 

~ Chelsea


  1. I know what you mean about taking a break! My kitchen and dining rooms are at capacity too! I like your Spring Blossom and Verde bowls! Glad you are finally having a sunny day!

  2. I just found some spring blossom too and just finished posting to the Pyrex Collective II about it! I also just confirmed a trade and will be receiving a verde bowl shortly! What a coincidence!

  3. Hilarious. Spring blossom is in the air!