Friday, May 13, 2011

Pyrex in my Carry On Luggage!

I flew Air Canada the other day and I carried this Snowflake Bowl in my carry on luggage - what can you do when you have other precious pieces in your suitcase and that is nearly at the weight limit.  If only Air Canada even offered you a snack of nuts anymore, I could have eaten them in my 402 bowl!!!  I just blogged about my other vacation pieces - come on over and read all about them.


  1. Just visited your blog and saw all the wonderful Pyrex you scored on your trip!! I love that Snowflake bowl, and all the rest of your loot!

  2. traveling with pyrex is such a challenge, i agree! i brought a bunch of pieces back to california from vancouver in december and had to juggle them between my checked and carry-on pieces. pyrex is not light! my next challenge will be in a couple of weeks when i bring 5 bowls back from calgary. i plan on carrying them on the plane...wish me luck! btw, your little snowflake garland is super cute!!

  3. That bowl is beautiful! You have to do what you have to do!