Monday, May 2, 2011

I love my friends that feed my addiction

Found this and a lil note at my door. <3


  1. How sweet! I love your blog. It's funny but I am only just starting to discover Pyrex. I think I have always loved it as my mum has two sets of mixing bowls that I used all the time when I was young. I am so annoyed that I have only JUST started to collect as I have probably come accross lots in my time but passed them up.

  2. That one is soooo cute...all I ever find on my doorstep

  3. Nice!!! Yeah, dirt's all I ever find at my doorstep too!! LOL

  4. For once, it wasn't dirt. :)

    Thx Hello Vintage. Hubs and I went on The Longest Yard Sale (you can google it) 9 yrs ago - Now, we wonder 'what did we pass up?!?' I've only been collecting for 3 or 4 yrs now.

    I went to my grandma's 3 yrs ago and saw that she had the primary set (I dont recall ever seeing those growing up).