Friday, May 27, 2011

My inheritance.

This Pyrex Terra 2.5 quart casserole and Corningware 1 quart casserole belonged to my grandmother. They've been at my grandparents' summer home for as long as I can remember (they owned it since the mid 60s and moved there permanently in the early 70s, wintering in Arizona the other half of the year.)

These pieces are an 'inheritance' of sorts from my Grandmother. I decided to photograph them while I was out in the garden, on a rare NOT-rainy day!

The interest in gardening is definitely inherited from my Grandfather. Ask a kid I spent my summers with my grandparents, and Grampa always had a fantastic garden. My favorite things to grow are the things I grew up eating straight from his garden.

After an 8 year break, I have come back to veggie gardening! I am realizing how much I missed it. My little garden is finally starting to look like a real garden and not a box of dirt. It has been a cold, wet spring here (coldest in 50 years, I'm told) so we are off to a very slow start. You can read more about my inherited kitchenware and gardening on my blog.


  1. What fantastic pieces to inherit! And it is sweet to see them by another love you have gotten from family...those passed down things are the best.

  2. The love of gardening and the Pyrex are wonderful inheritances! I really like that Terra bowl!

  3. Really NICE pieces...I can just picture the terra filled with chili on a cold winters day!