Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Town & Country Lass and her Distant Cousin

I made a quick thrift stop on the way home yesterday and was pleased to find the Town & Country 503 Fridgie.  I don't need another 503, but....A) It's a pattern I don't have, B) I have a billion 503 lids looking for a fridgie, and C) She was only $2.99.  How's that for justification?

While there I saw the CorningWare baker (complete with mid-century cradle) that I've considered getting in the past.  While not as cool as pyrex, it did strike me as being quite functional, as I do a lot of baking (and a little entertaining), so I grabbed that one too.  Why not!


  1. Really nice pieces...love the fridgee!

  2. I like your Town & Country 503! Wish I could find one to go with my set.