Sunday, May 22, 2011

My New Butterprint..

Two pieces from the same Goodwill, one I had never visited before. They had a couple of other Pyrex pieces, not Butterprint pattern, but both in horrible condition (so sad to see!).

I immediately spotted the #401, priced right at $2.02. It was quite grimy, but cleaned up very well. Upon further digging, the #442 turned up for $3.03. In good, it has some utensil marks inside & out, you may be able to see them in the photo.

All in all, a good day!

Yours truly,
Sir Thrift-A-Lot


  1. Good finds at a good price. Love the Butterprint pattern!

  2. Nice finds, and it looks like they cleaned up very nicely!!

  3. LOL, I just noticed all the crumbs in the bottom picture - LOL.

    We had an ice cream cake (Oreo) & I guess it's the crumbs from the Oreo cookie cake. I was very lazy yesterday..

    EW though..

  4. So pretty, I'm keeping my eye open for some, but can't seem to find any. I think you've got the market cornered! LOL!!!

  5. Really nice finds...and I love the butterprint pattern! Nice finds Sir!