Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Recent Loot...

I have had a little Pyrex luck lately, mostly at Goodwill which surprises me because I used to NEVER find Pyrex at Goodwill. They are letting a few pieces slip into the store instead of putting them in their online auctions. :)

Waffle House Platter (found at Goodwill)

Yellow Desert Dawn Pie Plate (found at antique store)

It has speckles of red on it.

HUGE Pie Plate (I think it's really old based on the mark on the bottom...any feedback on this is appreciated!)
50 cents at a yard sale

Picture of the two pie plates together so you can see how big the clear one is...I don't normally buy clear Pyrex but thought this one was nice because it is not a normal size you see everywhere.

Marking on the bottom of the clear pie plate.

Cutest little Pyrex casseroles ever!! These are the tiny 10 0z. Pyrex 700's. I had never seen any until I found these at Goodwill ($1.95 for each one). After doing a seach I did find a blue one on Etsy...I'm guessing these are kind of rare?

Pictured with a small fridgie dish for size reference. Aren't they cute?? And in my favorite colors!

Some lids from Goodwill (I think they were like 55 cents each) I don't have any casseroles that fit these...YET! You never know when you might need them in the future. :)

Small red & blue fridgies (from a yard sale)

Orange Harvest Bowl - $2.75 (from a flea market)

3 Golden Butterfly Mugs (the real Pyrex kind, not Corelle!) from Goodwill

A large & small cradle (from Goodwill)...I have no oval casseroles yet but I will someday and these will be perfect for them!

I was disappointed I only got to go to 1 yard sale this weekend...did anyone else venture out to some and find anything good?

--Erin {}


  1. Love the speckled pie plate, the pixies and fridgies!! That 1 yard sale worked out rare to find vintage Pyrex at yard sales here. I ventured out and blogged about it on Pyrex Collective II :)

  2. I found an avocado grn mini (small casserole's) in Cali while on vacation last year. They are cute.

  3. You had a very good thrifting weekend!! I especially like the mini casseroles, and the Desert Dawn pie plate! I found my first ever Desert Dawn (pink) dish this weekend.

  4. Love the little ones! You had some great finds this weekend!

    Don't venture out much on the weekend - work. Maybe some sales this weekend though. We'll see!

    Can you believe I have been to only 2 yard sales in the past 10 years?

  5. WOW...what finds...congrats!