Saturday, November 30, 2013

Primary Dots- Complete!

I finally completed my Primary Dots set in February of this year. I collected each piece from a different source. The often pricey Green Dot 404 was my final piece- an Etsy score for only $50. The only one I found "in the wild" was the Yellow Dot 402 and it was at a local antique mall for $10. I bought the Orange Dot  401 on eBay for $9.99. Blue Dot 403 was also an eBay purchase for $26.06- an auction win. So, my Primary Dots together cost me $100.04. Not too bad?! Now for some Pyrex eye candy! (for more of my photos, feel to check out and follow my Flickr- you can find me here!

Long time, No posts!

I feel so ashamed as an avid vintage Pyrex collector- it has been ages since I've blogged here! I will share my latest find. I had stopped frequenting my two local antique malls because they were Pyrex-dry. I decided to stop by one a couple of weeks ago and I spotted this beauty after passing it up once. I had actually never seen this one before so I was intrigued. I immediately came home and went to my Flickr for reference. It is unofficially called Ginger Oriental. It is a 475 promo casserole. It originally came with the classic clear lid and a bamboo cradle. Mine is MINT but no cradle. At only $19 I was totally okay with no cradle! I also scored one of the last few pieces I need to have the complete Butterfly Gold 1 collection. It is minty and was only $7. So, sorry I've been MIA. I will try to go back and share more of my Pyrex adventures! Hope everyone is having a wonderful season and Happy Pyrex-ing! For more photos of my Pyrex collection, feel free to visit and follow me on Flickr: you can find me at Angie722 ! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Dot Pyrex - Finally!

My first ever "New Dot" Pyrex!
I changed my blog name from momwaldsplace to  It is nice to finally have a fresh piece of vintage Pyrex to share on it.