Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Blossom w/ Plastic Lid

Pyrex Kitchen Utensils?

A quik question...did Pyrex make any kitchen utensils or kitchen gadgets?

My Friday great condition..."Brittany Blue" tart baking dish...for $2.00 at Goodwill. I had never seen one of these before...I love it!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Gots a question...

Does Pyrex make their goods under any other name? Is makes like fireking and trueking totally their own make? Thanks for any help!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Blossom is in the air...

Spring Blossom Is In The Air

Spring Blossom is in the air. For the second week in a row, I have found a beautiful piece of Spring Blossom Green Pyrex, both pieces in magnificent condition. Last week it was the #403 Spring Blossom Green mixing bowl & this week it's the 1-Pint covered Spring Blossom Casserole with the lid, paid $5.05 for it. Made a trip to the same store not even 12 hours later & just wheeled out onto the floor was #441 Early American pattern in wonderful condition - $2.02. Great find! This is the first I've seen of this pattern in person. Also found yet another primary green that is in just a tiny bit better condition than the one I found last week & was a bit cheaper, this was was $4.00.

Also noticed that Sandra @ The Memory Workshop had found herself a Spring Blossom casserole & over at Vintage Betty's there was two separate occasions of Spring Blossoming this week!

Yours truly,

Sir Thrift-a-Lot

More Turquoise

I got a special present in the mail today...

The large utility dish and the round cake pan...This kind of completes my collection.

I say kind of because there are still the lidded mixing bowls out there that I'd like to get my hands on but they aren't a priority right now, oh and maybe the Daisy orange fridgie...and maybe the elusive "Clover Berry" or "Lucky in Love" casseroles. Maybe it's not so complete after all!

$3 Aqua Snowflake Divided Dish!

Hello Pyrex Collective, it's SixBalloons here! I have another great Pyrex find to share. I am starting to think this Spring Cleaning theory really does have some legs... Or maybe I've just been hitting up the thrift stores more now that the weather is nicer?

My find was a new Snowflake divided dish in the white background with aqua snowflakes, purchased for $3 with the lid! I think it looks great stacked up with my Dandelion Divided Dish! I love how easy it is to coordinate Pyrex pieces.

Erin has also adjusted some settings so that I can review statistics for the Pyrex Collective site, i.e. number of page views, where readers are visiting from, and what the most popular posts are. I was planning to do a post sometime to share this information since some of you may be interested!

Please stop by and visit to see more photos at my post Aqua Snowflake Divided Dish!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Turquoise Pyrex, originally uploaded by jenib320.
It's complete! Finally! My absolute favorite set!! This set has been 2 years in the making, but it has been so worth the wait! I thrifted the first bowl in 2009 and have slowly picked up the other bowls along the way. I finally had been waiting to find the 403 for 6 or 7 months and broke down when I found it online for a decent price. It arrived today! I couldn't be happier! :)

Turquoise Pyrex, originally uploaded by jenib320.

Turquoise Pyrex, originally uploaded by jenib320.

Turquoise Pyrex, originally uploaded by jenib320.


I did a swap recently with Kelly from CrescentRoad on flickr.  I sent her a Catherine Holm pan and she sent me this fabulous Golden Tulip bowl :)  My collection of gold leaf Pyrex is growing, I just love them!

I also bought these adorable magnets from erinink on etsy.  Along with the magnets, I got a set of notecards and they are all so cute!  I'm going to end up buying every magnet she comes out with. 

Lil Gold Stamp

What is the lil gold stamp?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trading Pyrex in Virginia

If you live in Virginia, particularly Roanoke, Salem or the New River Valley (or nearby and are willing to travel) and would like to trade Pyrex with others in this area, let me know. We have started a local Pyrex trading group on Facebook :)

--Erin {}

Monday, April 25, 2011

Smallest Pyrex Ever

I completely freaked out in the thrift store when I found these!

At first because I thought they were mini fridgie dishes and then again when I felt them and figured out they were PLASTIC and were actually PYREX KITCHEN TOYS!!! I didn't even know there was such a thing?!?

The lids come off and everything...just like real Pyrex!

Here is the smallest one next to an actual small fridgie dish so that you can see just how small these are.

And the bigger one with my large yellow fridgie.

From the searching I did online, I think these are from the 50's and they are very rare...does anyone have any info?

While searching, I found this Flickr page where someone has vintage Barbie sized Pyrex dishes:

And these three Etsy listings for vintage Corning dishes:

Does anyone else have vintage Pyrex kitchen toys? Share if you do!
I'm really interested to see what else is out there.

--Erin {}

Not your typical birthday present

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday! It was little more special to me because it was also my birthday (I'm not saying which one, but I'm pretty old, lol)!! This is what my son who knows and appreciates my addiction to Pyrex and vintage items gave me. Needless to say I was very happy and appreciative. And, not to take anything away from my hubby, daughter, and granddaughter, they gave me some very nice presents, too (just not Pyrex)!!! :)

I'm really loving that awesome Friendship dish. I'd been looking for one like that for quite a while!! I also want to give credit to my sweet daughter who took the photos! I think she did an awesome job!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Balloons Cinderella Bowl

Found this at an antique mall last weekend, and didn't even have to splurge much due to the holiday sale! Total score. If only I could find the missing pieces and restore this to its full chip-and-dip glory...

Happy Easter Eve!

No coloring necessary with Easter Egger hens

Betty, Fred, Polly, Selma, Ethel, Ginger, and Agnes wish everyone a Happy Pyrex Easter!

My sweet purring chickens

Easter Fred

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sometimes Traffic Isn't So Bad

In my attempt to avoid the bumper to bumper line-up on the way home today, I decided to stop in at a lesser visited thrift store (at least by pyrexiacs).  I only visit from time to time since they have odd hours and I've never found much pyrex there.

Lo and behold, I came across the complete golden grapes chip and dip set AND the pink daisy space saver.  Both in great condition.  Even better, the prices harkened back to the days when thrift store prices were actually...umm...thrifty!  I barely remember those days.

I'm not a huge fan of the gold leaf, but I do love the delphite blue interior.  So pretty.
And the fact that it was designed as a chip and dip set actually elicited the first "hmm, cool" pyrex reaction from my husband.  That's big.

The whole set for a mere $5
Thank you to the lovely person who actually took good care of these guys!
- Chelsea

$3 Pink Daisy - wahoo!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

That didn't last long...

So much for my self-imposed moratorium on Pyrex hunting.

Please welcome the Spring Blossom 2 474 casserole to the club. At $3.75, how could I leave it behind??

Scary Exploding (New) Pyrex

I have personally never had any of my Pyrex dishes, old or new, explode but I did a search online this morning about oven safe Pyrex and found these two links with tons and tons of complaints about new Pyrex exploding. Some of the people, all they did was take it out of their cupboard and it exploded in their hands. Apparently Pyrex is making the new Pyrex out of different materials than the old and that is why it is happening? It's got me scared and happy that I use old Pyrex!! Here are the links if you'd like to check them out yourselves:

--Erin {}

all my eggs in one pyrex

this morning on my blog, i wrote about decorating eggs. but let's be don't really need to decorate them when you can just display them in a lovely bit of vintage pyrex right?

wishing you all a lovely weekend!

p.s. if you haven't read it yet, here are 14 reasons i love vintage pyrex. feel free to add your own reasons :-)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet Deal for Pyrex Collective Readers

Because I am hopelessly in love with Pyrex and this blog and think you all are just wonderful, I am going to offer you a deal in my Etsy shop. Vintage Pyrex 5x7 Art Prints were recently added to my shop for $8 each. If you send me a convo on Etsy telling me which prints you would like to purchase and mention the Pyrex Collective, I will make a custom listing for you for $5 prints!! Here are a few of the prints that are in my Etsy shop:

These would look rad hanging near Pyrex in your kitchen or dining room!

Butterprint Fridgies

Friendship Mixing Bowl with sweet strawberries

Blue Snowflake Cinderella Mixing Bowl with a twist of lime

Pink Daisy & Dandelion Divided Casseroles

Teal Scroll Cinderella Mixing Bowl

The Classic Primary Mixing Bowl Set

Yellow & Orange Fridgies

Colorful Stack of Mixing Bowls

Pink & Avocado Green Fridgies

Avocado Green Mixing Bowl Set

Deal ends: May 1st

-- Erin {}

latest haul

i was originally going to break this up into a couple of posts, but honestly i was too excited about my latest finds so i decided to share them all now.

i found my first ever cradle!! and i only paid $1i also saw a black scroll divided dish for the first time "in the wild".

although it is very nice, it isn't really my style and i plan on posting it for trade (and if any of you are interested in it, i'm looking for a 404, 471 and a butter dish in turquoise butterprint and you can e-mail me at )

moving on... here's the BEST part of the shopping trip!

if you want to see the other non-pyrex thrifted items i brought home... check it out here.

someone said it earlier and i wholeheartedly agree: something is in the air and its blooming pyrex!


While wondering around the city today, I found myself in the middle of the 420 "Toronto Hash Mob" pot protest/celebration while getting off the subway at Dundas Square here in Toronto. The scent of marijuana filled the air, people were everywhere. Not somewhere you'd normally find me, I made my way to Goodwill where I found a #403 Spring Blossom Green Mixing bowl (my first Spring Blossom Green) & to complete my primary set, I have added the primary green #403 to my collection. Some might consider my Pyrex a big festive considering the celebration.

Yours truly,

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

PS: I don't know about you, but there had been a Pyrex drought over here! I'm glad the drought is over.


My two favorite colors are aqua and orange and I love this sweet little fridgie against this backdrop.

After I took this picture I sent it to my friend, she sent me one back of a red fridgie on her desk filled with M&M's!

I use most of my fridgies to hold my candy stash and I have one that holds salt for cooking on the stove. What do your fridgies hold?

Blue Fridgie!

Hello Pyrex Collective, it's SixBalloons here! It appears that a lot of us have had luck lately at places we previously dismissed as "No Pyrex Zones".

I made a great discovery at one such No Pyrex Zone where I found this beauty!

Is something in the air? Does Spring Cleaning result in people purging their shelves of unwanted Pyrex?

Come on over to my blog and read all about my Primary Blue Fridgie Find!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Pyrex

Now that spring has officially sprung,
 (in Utah at least) 
I've found myself reaching for different pieces of Pyrex than I do in the fall and winter months.

Just this week I made a casserole in my flamingo cake pan,

  and served cakes on my lime and gold dishes.

Do you reach for different pieces of Pyrex depending on the season?
Which pieces have you been using most lately?