Thursday, June 30, 2011

My second post, some pics of my Pyrex, oh, and Happy Holiday weekend!

Hello, my fellow Pyrex-loving pals! I will give my tired hands a bit of rest and post some pics of my Pyrex finds in my new, ever-growing collection. In my first post, I recalled the actual date my collection began..May 7th of this gets sweeter every day. Happy holiday weekend, too! Hey, now here is a neat  idea..Will any of you create displays with red, white, and blue vintage Pyrex???  I have one piece in bright, primary red, two pieces in turquoise, and one solid white bowl...wonder what I can come up with? I bet some of you can create beautiful, festive 4th of July Pyrex share your pics!!!
{my collection on 18th of June, some not visible in the shot}
{snapped this pic while this piece was still on my wishlist at one of my hometown antique malls, it's mine now..#o43 , *MINT* condition, and half price, $3!}
{another recent find...on sale, it was $8.25..inclusive of lid AND cradle... :) }
{a Goodwill score, a shiny cradle (#78) at $1.99}
{my first Pyrex purchase on eBay, a #401 in Spring Blossom Green, near *mint* @ $6.99}
Enough pics for now..will post more soon..good night!

decorating with pyrex

i love using navy and white as a color combo during the summer and i thought it would be the perfect way to use my pyrex collection in my decorating.

do any of you use pyrex in your decorations? maybe some snowflake patterns at christmas?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Completed My first Set!

This past weekend I completed this set. The blue bowl was finally found!
I blogged all about it and have way more photos there. I actually think I took over 40 photos of just the bowls. No I did not put them all up on my blog nor was I going to plaster them here. But I totally thought about it. My excitement is that much. they are fabulous in every photo!
Finally, your home Mr. Blue!
Pink Daisy on the right is so faded. I don't care and neither will my meatloaf.
It was a wonderful Pyrex weekend indeed for me.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello, my name is Angie and I am a Pyrexahaulic ;)

I must say I feel blessed to be in the company of such amazing, fellow Pyrex lovers! I have been so caught up in my search for Pyrex that I have failed to introduce myself and make my introductory post so..Hi! Here's a quick bio about how I became a vintage Pyrex girl:

  • had to take medical leave for Spring semester
  • spent exorbitant amount of time online
  • began blogging
  • joined Pinterest
  • "met" Jeni , In Color Order
  • got inspired
  • started thrifting regularly at Goodwill
  • first flea market trip on May 7th
  • vintage Pyrex collection started on..May 7th !!!!!
So, there you have it my fellow Pyrexahaulics...the rest is, well, history-in-the-making. I am loving this new passion and my dear boyfriend is totally on board, bless his heart. He will be off for 7 glorious days starting Friday and a-thrifting we shall go...yay!!! I cannot promise I  will blog on a schedule because I'm a bit ( a lot) ADHD. I will, however, promise to uphold the standards of Pyrexahaulics Pyrex will be hunted, purchased, hand washed, dried, photographed, adored, and lovingly displayed to the best of my ability. And, yes, I will share my adventures with all of often as ... Hey, is the Pyrex on my watch list about to end?!!!
Happy Pyrexing!!!
my Pyrex in action...Cobb salad...mmmm, good! I currently have the most Pyrex in Spring Blossom Green and Square Flowers ;)


 Hi Pyrex friends!
I recently looked to the creamy pastel colors of vintage Pyrex and my collection of vintage knitting needles for a little bit of inspiration for a new set of items I crocheted for my Etsy shop.
I just had to share the pretty photos with you all!

If you'd like to see exactly what I created for my Etsy shop, please pop over to my little blog to find out!

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Bluebelle find

I've been searching for the 401 Bluebelle bowl for what seems like forever in order to complete my set of three. The last time I saw one was in Laramie, Wyoming, two years ago. That 401 bowl was $40 and in poor condition. I passed, and I haven't seen another Bluebelle bowl in any size since.

Yesterday I walked into my local antique store in the middle of Missouri and immediately spotted THREE Bluebelle bowls, including the 401 I've been searching for. It has a few spoon scratches on the inside, like most of our Pyrex, but the outside is perfect and I was willing to spend $18 on it. After I'd searched for more than two years, that seemed like a reasonable amount.

My friends were still looking around, so I decided to make another turn around the booths, reminding myself to LOOK UP. As soon as I did, I spotted a little pitcher in the Snowflake Blue pattern--no top, but only $5.

I went ahead and bought the two 403 Bluebelle bowls, too, a yellow fridgie in great condition, and a soft old tea towel embroidered with grapes and the word "glass." Appropriate!

New Find!

Yesterday I stopped at a Goodwill store and found this Pyrex casserole, and of course, I couldn't leave it behind! I've never seen this pattern before...any ideas on what it is called, when and where it was made?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Recent Finds

It's been a while! Pyrex has been dry around here for months! I was so surprised to find a bunch of pieces this week! Maybe things have changed? :)

Pyrex by jenib320
Pyrex, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
Was so happy to find this Designs casserole today at an antique mall! I have the smaller sized dish to match!

Pyrex by jenib320
Pyrex, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
I already have one of these wonderful Friendship Lasagna pans, but I couldn't leave it behind at Goodwill! They're so handy!

Friendship by jenib320
Friendship, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
Finally earlier in the week I found these three Friendship Refrigerator dishes! I only needed the 502 to finish my set, but the 501s are in perfect condition and were only $1 each! Who could resist? :)

Happy Pyrexing!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pyrex around these parts.....

has been scarcer than hen's teeth!! The only thing(s) I found this week are these two aqua Family Flair oval dishes. I really like their pale aqua color, and I thought $5 for both of them was a pretty good price. Does anyone know when they were introduced and what all was included in the Family Flair series?

Hope your Pyrex hunting has been better than mine!

Snowflakes in Summer!

Found the two snowflakes at an estate sale for $5.00 (for both). The seller also had a LOT of Corningware and vintage Hall pottery for sale as well. I was tempted to buy the Hall, but passed.
I bought the green round casserole on eBay for 99 cents!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My First Two Trades!

Cosmo casserole from Elizabeth, unusual Square Flowers casserole from Jenna, and recently thrifted Horizon/Scrolls cinderella bowl

A few weeks back you might remember my rant about the ridiculous price an antique mall dealer put on a Cosmopolitan Casserole.  Well, fellow Pyrex Collective-ite Elizabeth posted a comment to say that she actually had the bottom of the casserole (to match the lonely lid that I had found).  After a few emails, the Cosmo bottom was on its way to me, while a couple of butterfly gold pieces were on their way to Elizabeth.  I can't tell you how excited I am to finally have a complete Cosmo!!

This was actually only my second trade - the first one being a great trade with Jenna (from Pyrex Collective II).  Ok, let me qualify that - a great trade for me....not so great for her as the *#@* post office decided to manhandle the package I sent and two of the pieces arrived in, well, pieces.  Word of advice - Insurance!

Needless to say, I was very nervous about the post office's performance for my second trade with Elizabeth, but lo and behold, package insurance does wonders for encouraging them to *be careful*!

Anyway, thanks ladies for the great trades!  More photos of the rest of my trade with Jenna coming soon to my website... Harriet and Quince

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sometimes This Happens...

I don't order much Pyrex online, mostly because shipping costs to Canada are so high, but also because searching out that just right piece is so much fun. I have been lusting after a certain set for quite some time, I broke down and bought one on ebay. Today I came to regret that decision.

Ouch! Both figuratively and literally - I cut myself on one of the pieces. Unfortunately, the seller wrapped the dishes in one layer of deflated bubblewrap. Another dish added to the Pyrex Graveyard. At least one of the pieces made it through okay, so I can still do this..

I love stacks of Pyrex!

Seattle Area Pyrex For...SALE!

7.2.11: I've updated what we have left, just in case any locals are interested, we're still selling!

Hi Pyrex friends!  Hopefully I didn't cause anyone to faint after reading that title up there, but yes, you read it correctly: we have some Pyrex for sale!  Boyfriend and I live in a teensy little city apartment in Seattle proper, along with about 200 pieces of Pyrex.
Yep.  That's my estimate.  200.

We finally sucked it up and went through our collection and picked the pieces that we could (sort of) live without and decided to try and find good homes for them.  We want to first try and sell them locally via Craigslist so I thought I would let any Seattle Pyrex lovers who read this blog know that we have some great pieces for sale!  I have most of the pieces pictured below and we're basically asking $5 for each piece (but we're flexible of course!) with a few exceptions.  We're not trying to make a profit, we would just like to make up a little of what we spent on these pieces and make sure they go to good Pyrex-loving homes!
We are definitely open to local trading, too!

As I said earlier, we are first selling locally THEN if there is anything left we will consider trading or selling to anyone long-distance.  Meaning: shipping!  Sorry if this is a tease to some of you who aren't located in Seattle!

If anyone (long or short distance) is interested in any of these pieces, please shoot an email to my special Pyrex email address and we can go from there!
Please make sure you let me know you are from the PYREX COLLECTIVE in your email!

Early American:
Divided Oval Casserole - 1.5 QT
Oval Casserole - 2.5 QT
Cinderella Bowl - 1.5 QT.
Round Casserole - 1.5 Pt, 1 QT., 1.5 QT.

Cinderella Bowl - 4 QT
Round Casserole - 1 Pt, 1.5 Pt (leaves a little faded but not too bad!)

Round Casserole - 750 mL, 1.5L, 2.5L

Round Casseroles - 500 mL, 750 mL, 1L
Mixing Bowl - 4 QT
Cinderella bowl - 750 mL

Mixing Bowl - 2.5 mL
Round Casserole - 1.5L (1 of these)

Old Orchard:
Mixing Bowl - 4 QT
Brown lid for small round casserole (obviously not $5!)

 Golden Grapevine: Oval Casserole - 2.5 QT  ($8)
Trailing Flowers: Round Casserole - 2.5L
 Gold Acorn: Divided Oval Casserole - 1.5 QT
 Shenandoah: Cinderella Bowl - 1.5L (silverware marks on surface but otherwise in great, shiny condition)

And not pictured: 
Verde: Oval Casserole - 1.5 QT (with patterned lid)
Town and Country: Round Casserole - 1 Pt, 1.5 Pt. (1pt faded but intact)

Thanks a bunch y'all!

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Fridgies!!

this is my favorite pyrex find this weekend.yard sales were a huge bust so we headed to the antique malls to browse.i spotted this fridgie set and made a beeline for it as fast as i could before someone else could snatch it up-even tho no one else was in that aisle but that's pyrexia for you!i expected to see a $60 price tag or something like that on it but it was only $26 for the entire set w/lids plus 10% if you know to ask about it(most stores here discount items of $25 by 10% if you ask for it)i don't usually buy the autumn harvest pattern unless it something "fun" like salt/pepper shakers,butter dish,gravy boat and i have a hard time leaving a complete fridgie set behind that i don't own.i don't think i have ever run across one on ebay and i have never seen any fridgie piece in this pattern out in the wild so i'm super excited to have this set!

Erin Ink gifts!!

I know all of us already know this, but we have quite the talented lady among us... ErinInk!

I have always loved her blog entries here on the collective, and that lead me to her ADORABLE etsy shop. And I could not resist ordering some magnets from her to brighten up my 'fridge!
She is SO amazing, in fact, that she even included a 5 x 7 print of my favorite pattern Butterprint! Not only is she sweet, but she did her research.

I couldn't wait to show off my new magnets! (please excuse the other clutter)

To my surprise, they were much bigger than I expected, but that is in no way a bad thing. I LOVE them!And as for the Butterprint print... ... it has a happy home with its family members (did that comment just take me to a creepy-pyrex-lady level? haha)

If you have checked out Erin's shop and you're debating on purchasing something, I will take the role as unofficial spokesperson and tell you to BUY NOW!

Finishing Touches

 My husband and I found some great stuff at the Long Beach Flea Market this Sunday. I grabbed two pieces that kinda, sorta finish my collection.

An aqua 023 1.5 quart and an orange 043 1.5 quart. I think the orange one is part of the Daisy but with a clear lid. Can anyone confirm that? The flea market had TONS of Pyrex. Every row had one or two people who were selling copious amounts of it. The prices ranged from reasonable (I paid $10 a piece for my finds) to outrageous ($70 for a set of three aqua nesting bowls).

Here is my collection as of right now. There are two pieces not pictured that live on another bookcase. Seeing that one lonely yellow piece makes me think I need one or two more. Just a fridgie or a casserole. It never ends does it?

Snowflake Salt n Pepper Art

Remember the salt n pepper shaker I found thrifting and I posted here? My friend was inspired to paint this after seeing my photo. She made this amazing painting. She will be creating more art like it. She was hit with Pyrexia a while ago. She is not able to find it much where she lives. So I think painting them is giving her an outlet of her love. I can see myself having wonderful pieces of Pyrex painted art in my house. How about you? How perfect! You can find Niki on facebook and follow along to see what else Pyrexia does to her. If you are not on facebook you can follow her blog here.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pueblo Promo

Yesterday, I visited my pops for Father's Day. Naturally, I had to dive into my lucky Goodwill in St. Catharines. At first I couldn't see any Pyrex and then - shazam!
I spied this beauty. I was so excited that I knocked the lid (which is the best part about it), right off. I couldn't dive quickly enough with my hands, so I stuck my leg out hoping that it would miraculously take one for the team. Sure enough, the lid whacked my shin and made a softer landing on the floor. I squealed with delight and grabbed it.
According to the always awesome Pyrex Love blog, it is a Pueblo Promo Cinderella round casserole with "hugger" cradle. It dates to the early seventies. Click here for the write up. I like to think of some happy homemaker was placing this on the family table, while I was a little girl bopping around in bell bottoms.
I can't believe it only cost me a fiver. I feel like I'm on a winning streak. gift to

Took my youngest over to her friends house...stopped at a yard sale...and found 7 Pyrex Woodlands Brown coffee/tea mugs for $3.00.

My Father's Day Gifts...

My Father's Day got me an oval 1 1/2qt "Early American" pattern w/lid and a "Snowflake (black)" devided also w/lid. Do my family "peeps" know me or

Friday, June 17, 2011

Turning my Friends 1 at a Time

So, I got a gfriend hooked on Pyrex, as in she buys any and everything - jadite (repro or not), FK & AH. Another gfriend recently said that she thought they (Pyrex) were pretty, but didn't like the fact that you can't (not spose to) put in the washer. The 1st mentioned friend gave a couple pieces to 2nd friend. 2nd friend txt'd me today saying she found a few other pieces and she 'thinks her collection is done' (she likes the blue and white).

I told hubs this and he says 'she hasn't gotten the sickness yet? lol Nope she hasn't.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Abused or "well loved"?

There are collectors out there who have a "turn down no fridgie" rule... what would you do if you happened upon this one?

Here's a poll, too.
Would you consider this fridgie 'well loved' or abused?
For me, this is out of the 'well loved' category, definitely well abused.

Would you have bought it? Spotted at Goodwill today.
& oh ya, it's supposed to be blue!

This PYREX fridgie - 'well loved' or abused?
ABUSED! free polls
On a side note, not sure if Savers has taken the same rule into effect, but as of May 28th Value Village will no longer sell anything without a tag at the register. I've already witnessed 2 people get caught. You can totally tell they ripped the tags off, too. It's too funny. Although, I don't know what I am going to go when I find a great item that I can't live without that doesn't have a tag. Speak with a manager? Offer a lot of money? Any suggestions?

Yours truly,

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

When in Washington...

 ...any Pyrex lover worth their salt must spend a day (or two...or three) in the tiny town of Snohomish, just a stone's throw from Seattle. 

The entire downtown is almost solely comprised of antique stores.  Some of them giant and cavernous, where if you go in during the morning hours, you may not come back out until the early evening.  Some of them teensy and quaint, where the shop owner knows exactly what's on which shelf (in case you're looking for anything in particular).
But most of them have at least one booth of Pyrex galore.

As with almost all antique stores, the numbers jumping off the price tags are a bit larger than I would ever pay for a piece of brightly colored vintage milk glass, but every so often you stumble upon a lonely corner booth with a piece here, a piece there, and not knowing quite what they have to offer, the price is a bit more manageable.

No, I didn't purchase the $130 set of New Dots bowls, nor did I snap up the $85 set of Yellow Gooseberry Cinderella bowls (I am on an independent crafter's budget here!), but I did find a $4 mint condition, minty green mug and a gently used $5 Friendship plate (um, who knew?!) to take back home with me at day's end.

I also may have had my hands tied behind my back for most of the day...

For more of my Pyrex collection and other curious happenings, please take a peek at my blog!