Monday, June 13, 2011

Pyrex on a Monday

I was so happy to find these two. I have been waiting a very long time to find them locally. This morning. I did. I love the Snowflake pattern.
I found 2 Early American printed bowls. I never saw these outside a local antique store for $40 bucks. I paid $5 for both. (ha!)
I found 2 large yellow bowls. More stacking sets that need to be found. I still need the blue bowl.
These in the above photo were all found in one store.
Waiting for me.
Talk about falling in love.

I feel spoiled to have found so many. Can you imagine the size of my smile?


  1. Any day is good for Pyrex - great finds...

  2. What lovliness!! Yes, I think I can imagine the size of your smile!! :)

  3. Nice finds! Gooseberry is so hard to come by!

  4. i looooove those salt and pepper shakers! so adorable. i must be on the hunt for those now.

  5. I found the very same Gooseberry yesterday! How fun!