Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hitting the Pyrex Honey Hole

Who knew that Cambridge would be such a sizzling pan of Pyrex goodness? We hit Southworks Antiques hard today. It boast over 30,000 square feet of collectables. Try to hold me back!
It didn't take long before I feel into a hallucinatory state of Pyrextasy. It was everywhere and priced fairly fairly.
I know, I know. There were squeals of delight as I probed every corner. Yes, let your mind go wild - it was THAT good.
They even had a funky old Pyrex test tube kit. I'll be back for that.

Oh yes, before we hit Southworks, I found this Spring Blossoms divided dish for $7.99 at Value Village. They had several pieces that I already had.
Back to Southworks. I regrettably didn't buy the Delphite fridgies, if that's what they were. There's a close-up of them on Yard Sale Snoop. I had already committed to several pieces which a keen employee had schlepped to the front counter and I had to draw the line somewhere on the spending. I did get the two red fridgies and the Butterprint fridgie for $8 each.
Horizon Blue 409 (or 407) set me back $10. In hindsight, I should have left this one at the counter and run back for the Delphite fridgies. You can see how conflicted I still am. I'll be dreaming weirdly tonight.
Oh baby, work that camera! I finally found the bowl to take away the heartache. I've been waiting like a hideous bridesmaid watching everyone trott out their magnificent Butterprint collections. Well, today I felt like Pippa on her wedding day - getting married to Johnny Depp. This ginormous 444 cost $10. I almost tackled it when I saw it on a chair with comic books stuck in it. "MINE!"
Oh bowl. I love you more than you'll ever know.
I also bought this sweet little blue bowl for $4.
And Spring Blossom 403 was mine for $7. I highly recommend you check out this antique market if you live in Southern Ontario.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!


  1. Ooooh, that's totally doable for me! Thanks, I will keep it in mind. (And I really need to post my latest finds!)

  2. Awesome finds!! Congrats on the teal Butterprint bowl!

    --Erin {}

  3. I share your joy for the Butterprint!

    And yes, I would have gone back for the fridgies too :)

  4. That little Spring Blossom 403 is just too cute!

  5. Southern Ontario here we come!!!

  6. Will have to check this place out one day soon when I can get a ride down there..

  7. Not doable for me, but I can sure feel your excitement!! I found some wonderful antique spots on my vacation, and in a few found some pretty good deals. I intend on posting about them very soon!! You found some great stuff!