Monday, June 20, 2011

New Fridgies!!

this is my favorite pyrex find this weekend.yard sales were a huge bust so we headed to the antique malls to browse.i spotted this fridgie set and made a beeline for it as fast as i could before someone else could snatch it up-even tho no one else was in that aisle but that's pyrexia for you!i expected to see a $60 price tag or something like that on it but it was only $26 for the entire set w/lids plus 10% if you know to ask about it(most stores here discount items of $25 by 10% if you ask for it)i don't usually buy the autumn harvest pattern unless it something "fun" like salt/pepper shakers,butter dish,gravy boat and i have a hard time leaving a complete fridgie set behind that i don't own.i don't think i have ever run across one on ebay and i have never seen any fridgie piece in this pattern out in the wild so i'm super excited to have this set!


  1. I would be super excited too - nice!!

  2. I just found my first fridgie in this pattern two weeks ago on vacation, but it didn't have a lid. You have a right to be exicited!! A whole set!! Love it!