Thursday, June 16, 2011

When in Washington...

 ...any Pyrex lover worth their salt must spend a day (or two...or three) in the tiny town of Snohomish, just a stone's throw from Seattle. 

The entire downtown is almost solely comprised of antique stores.  Some of them giant and cavernous, where if you go in during the morning hours, you may not come back out until the early evening.  Some of them teensy and quaint, where the shop owner knows exactly what's on which shelf (in case you're looking for anything in particular).
But most of them have at least one booth of Pyrex galore.

As with almost all antique stores, the numbers jumping off the price tags are a bit larger than I would ever pay for a piece of brightly colored vintage milk glass, but every so often you stumble upon a lonely corner booth with a piece here, a piece there, and not knowing quite what they have to offer, the price is a bit more manageable.

No, I didn't purchase the $130 set of New Dots bowls, nor did I snap up the $85 set of Yellow Gooseberry Cinderella bowls (I am on an independent crafter's budget here!), but I did find a $4 mint condition, minty green mug and a gently used $5 Friendship plate (um, who knew?!) to take back home with me at day's end.

I also may have had my hands tied behind my back for most of the day...

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  1. Sounds like a fun town! I really like the pieces you chose.

  2. $85 Gooseberry bowls??? I have 3 out of 4 of those and I didn't know they were worth that much! That is a lot to pay, but I bet it was fun to look around :)

  3. Yep, $85! I mean, I know the yellow+black+white Goosberries are hard to find in good shape...but really?! Another booth had the largest pink Gooseberry Cinderella bowl for $35...I think I found mine for $5 at a thrift.

    Just goes to show that patience and diligent thrift hunting DOES in fact pay off at some point!

    I mostly just like seeing all the pristine Pyrex out there in the world!

  4. It really does sound like a fun place to visit! But those over the top prices sure wouldn't be for me. However, it's always fun to look. You did good! I'd be thrilled to find the underplate for a Friendship bowl!

  5. i used to live in mt vernon and loved going to snohomish!another good one was aurora antiwue pavillion on 99 in edmonds.

    @katie-what size gooseberry bowl do you need to complete your set?i have an extra small black and white one.

  6. Cashmere has a couple of fantastic antique stores that go on forever and decent prices.

  7. Nice to look at though even a bit expensive to buy. Great pics!

  8. I'm such a downer in antique stores, all I do is go along and say, 'Oh, I have that and only paid $3! And oh, $5 for that!' It is nice to see it all though. ;)

    @NCnatalie: I HAVE been to the Antique Pavilion in Edmonds and it's not too bad price-wise! I actually found my one and only New Dots bowl there (yellow) for $10, in great shape! More than I normally pay for things, but I never ever see dots bowls 'in the wild'.

    @Kristy: Good to know about Cashmere! I've only driven through the town on my way elsewhere so I'll have to stop next time!

  9. Friendship plates? Gasp! Sigh. (Swoon)

  10. I love the plate and cup! I know what you mean about what some places ask for their Pyrex...LOL...they must be I also go into some stores...see pieces they are asking unreal $'s for...and say...I only paid $3.00 or less for the same thing.