Thursday, June 16, 2011

Abused or "well loved"?

There are collectors out there who have a "turn down no fridgie" rule... what would you do if you happened upon this one?

Here's a poll, too.
Would you consider this fridgie 'well loved' or abused?
For me, this is out of the 'well loved' category, definitely well abused.

Would you have bought it? Spotted at Goodwill today.
& oh ya, it's supposed to be blue!

This PYREX fridgie - 'well loved' or abused?
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On a side note, not sure if Savers has taken the same rule into effect, but as of May 28th Value Village will no longer sell anything without a tag at the register. I've already witnessed 2 people get caught. You can totally tell they ripped the tags off, too. It's too funny. Although, I don't know what I am going to go when I find a great item that I can't live without that doesn't have a tag. Speak with a manager? Offer a lot of money? Any suggestions?

Yours truly,

Sir Thrift-A-Lot


  1. i would totally buy that and not feel bad at all about putting it in the dishwasher! ;)

    I've run into that same policy elsewhere and it sucks if you really want something that isn't tagged. Right away the person at the counter assumes you were the one that ripped it off, and flatly refuses to sell it to you. Or charges double what a similar item would be.

  2. I LOVE these! There is not another one out there that looks exactly like it! IF it was a good price I would so buy it! I so would not think twice about putting it in the washer. buy it. love it. use it.

  3. I would buy it and make it one of my "daily" users. After a few more times in the dishwasher, some may think it is a "rare" milkglass fridgie!

  4. i saw a similiar "abuse" situation on one of the online retail sites the other day where someone has what probably used to be a red 402 from the primary set for sale. it is listed as a white bowl with a red line just under the rim....really, people? a red line under the rim? it looks like that is all that was left of the pretty red paint. so sad

  5. I have a red fridgie that was abused but not this bad. I keep it by the sink for a scrubbie to sit in. Perfect and I don't worry about the finish on it. As for no tags, If I find something, I give it to a worker and ask them to take it to get it priced. It has always worked for me so far. They bring it back to me and then I check out with no issues. Give it a try and let me know. hugs, Linda

  6. I second Linda's notion to ask about the pricing from a floor worker or a manager. I find that as long as you are up front about the lack of price tag, the employees are cool about it.
    I also find a busted up fridgie is good for keeping stuff handy.

  7. Wow, I must be a fridgie snob because I've turned down some in FAR better condition than that. And I say, ABUSED! Well loved Pyrex is well taken care of, that piece was clearly not loved. Sad!

  8. I would probably buy it, but hopefully at a lower price that what they have on it, and remove the leftover paint and use it like crazy and not worry about it in the dishwasher!