Saturday, June 4, 2011

Adamstown Update

I'm still recovering from my Pyrex blowout in Adamstown, PA. Please see my last post to find out what I am talking about.

Although I found gazillions of Pyrex bowls, casseroles and fridgies - I only bought a few very special pieces. The prices were a little out of my range, and frankly I think I was just too overwhelmed to make a rational decision!

What amazed me the most was the number of vendors selling complete sets of every single Vintage pattern imaginable. And they all looked like they had never been used. I felt like I was in a Pyrex museum. I had to wipe my chin a few times, because I think I was drooling.

Anyway--here's a glamour shot of my two favorite purchases from the day. A little more than I usually spend at around $10 per bowl, but these are pieces I have been hunting for a long time.

Will I return to Adamstown? Yes. Oh yes, I will.

Who wants to join me?

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  1. Very, very pretty! You showed remarkable restraint. I guess $10 is a bit high, but not too bad for a piece that you really, really want.

  2. I rarely spend more than $8 for a piece of Pyrex even with a lid but, I think the two you bought would definitely be on my list of ones to splurge a little on! Great finds!!

    --Erin {}

  3. LOve them, which store in Adamstown did you go to?

  4. mimi, i found myself sitting with my mouth open gaping at your pics from that place. outta control! so many pieces and all so pretty! but, you're right about the prices. i only go that high if its a piece i'm missing to complete a set or something that i just never ever see. great find!!

  5. Mimi, I have been considering planning a trip to somehow involve Adamstown...after your post, I am sold! I try to have restraint but when I comes to ones I want, I pay a little more too. Your finds are high on my list. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sorry I didn't respond, but I have been having sooooo much trouble commenting on this blog for some reason! The store I spent the most time in was Mad Hatter, but practically every place you go has tons of Pyrex out there! xoxo