Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Little Bit Pink, A Little Bit Green

It must have been  a good weekend for pink Gooseberry , I see my fellow Collective member, Paskiaq found three Gooseberry Cinderella bowls,  I found a 444 -  my first piece of this pattern - it was in a box at a yardsale, not in the best of shape, but after some scrubbing it doesn't look so bad!  I paid $1 for it, the lady said I could have the whole box for $1 - there was nothing else I wanted - why wasn't it full of Gooseberry or some wonderful colors of Pyrex....

I found these two Verde bake, serve & store casseroles the other day at The Salvation Army for $5 - they're 472 and 473 - one more to go for the set - these are a great little size, I have the set of Autumn Harvest which I use often.   I find myself liking the green colors and patterns more and more..

There have been so many great posts with wonderful finds for everyone lately - it's great to see the pictures and read the story of the hunt for all this wonderful Pyrex...

Have a great week - find some great Pyrex for yourself and use it every day.....



  1. Wow a dollar! I'll try to be happy for you and not jealous :)

  2. That is a coincidence that we both found gooseberries this weekend, though you got a much better deal! Together, we'd have the whole set :)

    Those casseroles are so practical and what a great price for them as well!

  3. Wow Jill!! Gooseberry for a dollar? That's a steal! You'll love those Verde casseroles. They are very handy to cook and serve in! Have a great Pyrex-ing week!

  4. I want a set of pink goosberry I gave 2 sets away