Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday Finds

My luck continued yesterday when I went flea marketing (is that a word?) with my son. He seems to always bring me luck!! In addition to these finds, I also found a Pyrex clear loaf dish with a serving basket at GW for $2.00. I forgot to take a picture of it...probably because it's a little on the plain side, lol!

As I've said before, Old Orchard isn't one of my favorite Pyrex patterns, but when I saw this I did a double-take. From what I've been told, this was a promotional piece. I love that it was only $8.00, and in perfect shape. For some reason it has two cradles. Maybe one of the cradles belonged to the smaller version of this pattern.

Also found this old fridgie for a dollar. The little daisy glass sitting on top of it was a 49 cents GW purchase.

And this Pyrex Flameware double boiler complete with the lid for $5.

Back to work tomorrow for me! Hope everyone has a great week! Happy Pyrex hunting!


  1. Great deal on that fridgie! So hard to find one with the lid! I usually don't like old orchard either but that one with the stand is kinda neat.

  2. do you have to build an addition to your house to accommodate ALL your new pyrex? :)

  3. Really nice the Old Orchard...I like anything that looks outdor-see. I'm going out thrifting on Wed...can I barrow your

  4. Great deal on the double boiler! I use mine all the time and love it.

  5. @LeslieH - no, I haven't had to build an addition yet, but I really am running out of room...not sure what I'm going to do, lol!!

    @Bundtman - lol, I'm sure he'd love to go if he wasn't working! He does love antiquing and thrifting!!