Friday, June 3, 2011

Thursday's Slim Pickens...

Hit my usual Salvation Army stores and Goodwills yesterday...Goodwill had nothing, so headed to the big Salvation store...found nothing there. Decided I would hit the smaller Salvation Army store before calling it a soon as I walked in, there it was...a 1955 Pyrex Family Flair mini casserole in desert pink for $1.50! I had never even heard of the family flair line but from what I've read's a rare item to find.

We couldn't leave too empty handed so I picked up this "Americana" 1960's solid state AM radio for $1.50 which works just fine and now sits on my kitchen window sill, and my daughter picked up this beautiful coffee markings but couldn't pass it up for $1.50.


  1. Looks like you did pretty good!! I love that pink Family Flair bowl!! We are leaving on vacation today and I hope to have real good Pyrex luck on our trip!!

  2. Thanx Sharon...enjoy your vacation...and happy Pyrex hunting! Going anywhere special?