Thursday, June 9, 2011

99¢ Pyrex!

Picked up 3 lidless fridgies today at Goodwill. They were 99 cents each.Align Left

Funny story, I already told it on my blog, but in case you don't read my blog...

I went to my hometown of Windsor, Ontario this past weekend. One the day I arrived I checked out this antique/curiosity shop & found a piece of Pyrex I was digging. It cost $12. I pondered over it for 3 days & finally decided that yeah, I was going to get it, so we stopped there before we grabbed lunch on the way to the train station. Arriving 5 minutes before they were closing, as it turned out, two old women who don't normally work at the shop are trying to lug in this huge planter & they say, "she's closing up." I ask, "can I just run in & grab a piece of Pyrex I saw the other day?" "Pie? We don't sell pie here!" She replied very nastily! LOL. So, ya, didn't get it.

Yours truly,

Sir Thrift-A-Lot


  1. GREAT deal on these! Your Goodwill needs to chat with my Goodwill, because the prices here are SO stinkin' high now. No fun. Enjoy your new pieces of pie-rex. : )

  2. That story kind of sums up Windsor :)

  3. Love the fridgies! I left behind a fridgie in bad shape at SA yesterday for $1.99 so you definitely got a great deal! :)

    Too bad about missing out on that other piece but maybe you'll find that piece at a thrift for less ;)

  4. I hate it when a find or a deal gets away -- I fret about for a week or so (until some new fret takes its place). Yours has such a funny story attached to it, though, that thinking about it would make me laugh instead of fret!

  5. In the days when I was a little girl, people didn't have the well-equipped kitchens that everyone seems to have now, and it was common for the housewives to share pieces of kitchenware. I was often sent to a neighbour's door with a request for a large frying pan or an extra cake pan my mother needed for a special dinner. One day, though, she sent me on an errand I thought was silly -- I showed up next door with the message that Mom wanted to borrow a "pirate casserole". I don't know what I was expecting -- an eye patch on it? If you don't have a Pyrex mindset, you don't always hear the word correctly!

  6. Deborah - too funny! At least yours is really cute, your neighbour & your mom probably had such a good laugh! This lady was just so nasty!!

    If only she worked in the shop, she would have had a Pyrex state of mind. If only she worked in the shop, she would have liked to make the sale.

  7. sweet european dreams - no, no way, lol! then my Goodwill will find out they can get away with charging a lot more! LOL