Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello, my name is Angie and I am a Pyrexahaulic ;)

I must say I feel blessed to be in the company of such amazing, fellow Pyrex lovers! I have been so caught up in my search for Pyrex that I have failed to introduce myself and make my introductory post so..Hi! Here's a quick bio about how I became a vintage Pyrex girl:

  • had to take medical leave for Spring semester
  • spent exorbitant amount of time online
  • began blogging
  • joined Pinterest
  • "met" Jeni , In Color Order
  • got inspired
  • started thrifting regularly at Goodwill
  • first flea market trip on May 7th
  • vintage Pyrex collection started on..May 7th !!!!!
So, there you have it my fellow Pyrexahaulics...the rest is, well, history-in-the-making. I am loving this new passion and my dear boyfriend is totally on board, bless his heart. He will be off for 7 glorious days starting Friday and a-thrifting we shall go...yay!!! I cannot promise I  will blog on a schedule because I'm a bit ( a lot) ADHD. I will, however, promise to uphold the standards of Pyrexahaulics everywhere...my Pyrex will be hunted, purchased, hand washed, dried, photographed, adored, and lovingly displayed to the best of my ability. And, yes, I will share my adventures with all of you..as often as ... Hey, is the Pyrex on my watch list about to end?!!!
Happy Pyrexing!!!
my Pyrex in action...Cobb salad...mmmm, good! I currently have the most Pyrex in Spring Blossom Green and Square Flowers ;)


  1. Hi Angie! So nice to have someone else on board with all of us Pyrexahaulics!! LOL...This Pyrex collecting just kinda jumps on you, doesn't it!! Once you start, it's very, very hard to stop!! But it's oh so much fun!! I love seeing everyone's finds, and can't wait to see more of yours!! I love the Spring Blossom in the picture!