Saturday, June 4, 2011

Traveling Pyrex

hello fellow pyrexers,

first, i just want to thank erin (again) so much for creating this forum for us to share our finds and our passion for pyrex. i really love my growing pyrex collection. its so great to have a place to post and share information when one has so many people around them in their everyday life who think that they may have some issue (psychiatric, hoarder, craziness, etc) for collecting "those old bowls". so, props to all of you!!

i hadn't been out looking for more pieces for a few weeks, but i did find these two beauties this morning when i passed a local goodwill store on my errands. any one know what set this 404 red bowl is a part of?

welcome to your new home miss aqua butterprint 472....

now, the next two sets are my well traveled pyrex. though i live in the sf bay area, my family is in vancouver so i sometimes find myself checking out their local craigslist. i found both of these sets in the vancouver lower mainland and had my sisters pick them up for me. last weekend, i was in calgary, so each of my sisters packed up one set and brought them there for me. of course each sister didn't realize that the other had bowls for me, so when that got out, well you already read my comment about being crazy for wanting all those "old bowls".

look at this set of butterfly gold! i like both the symmetrical and the assymetrical patterns, but if i had to pick, it would be the pattern of this first set. it came with 3 of the 4 original bowls and they are bright and great shape.

this second set i actually purchased to help out a friend. she bought herself a three bowl cinderalla set in this pattern back in the fall, but was missing the 443. i have been on the lookout for her ever since. she already has the 441 (and frankly, so do i as i have my own complete set), so now i have an extra 441 if anyone wants it please let me know.

so, now i'm in calgary with the above five bowls, but yet i find myself wanting to check out the local thrift stores. i think i went to about 4 or 5 places before i found all four of these at a value village. $20 for all of them together

the turquoise bowls are a little tired looking, but they are still pretty and i didn't have anything like them already so i really had to have them. and a woodland casserole...lovely!! as for the yellow, i could NEVER leave anything yellow behind. its one of my favorites

in the end 6 pieces went into my checked luggage and the other 3 i had to put into my carry on. thanks calgary and vancouver for all my new pyrex!!

have a great pyrexing weekend, friends :)

leslie and petey (woof)

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  1. A few weeks ago my Pyrex travelled from Prince Edward Island back to Ontario - in my carry on and checked luggage - it made it here with no mishaps. Check out my story at