Monday, June 6, 2011

Bowled over

Happy Monday! Just wanted to start by saying my "posting comments to blogger" issues seem to be solved by switching to Firefox. Stupid IE8.

Back to Pyrex talk... these bowls were all gifted to me. None of them are patterns I collect, though it looks like I'm on my way to "accidentally" having 2 primary mixing bowl sets of different vintages (it seems that some sets had the colours in a different order. One of my 404 bowls is slightly thicker and marked "made in Canada". Or maybe the green 404 is from a Verde set or some other set. Any ideas??).

The only one I use consistently is the small blue one.

I love having them, but feel a bit guilty about the space they occupy. Maybe it's time to actively pursue reselling or trading. Or just plow ahead and build the full sets. What the heck.


  1. I think we may have the same 404 bowls - I posted pics of mine the other day - I also bought the yellow and blue - there is a picture of the set in the Pyrex Guide - just need a red one.. The green is so pretty....

  2. Don't feel guilty Sandra!! Those are very nice pieces! I'd say plow ahead, lol!