Monday, June 27, 2011

New Find!

Yesterday I stopped at a Goodwill store and found this Pyrex casserole, and of course, I couldn't leave it behind! I've never seen this pattern before...any ideas on what it is called, when and where it was made?


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  2. Okay, this is the Saxony (official name) aka Tree of Life pattern. It's hard to tell from your picture, but the color might be a bit faded. It's typically a dark blue print over aqua blue. It's a promotional piece from 1967 and came with a cradle as pictured here:

    Hope that helps! Fun find!

  3. I think the pattern is called The Tree of Life. What a great find!


  4. Great find! It's called Saxony and I found the very same one on vacation!
    The color of yours does appear to be faded, but it might just be the photo.

  5. Thanks everyone I'm so glad I asked! It is a bad photo because it is a very pretty aqua blue with dark blue print. I just took a quick pic of it on a dark green futon and it didn't turn out very well.