Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My First Two Trades!

Cosmo casserole from Elizabeth, unusual Square Flowers casserole from Jenna, and recently thrifted Horizon/Scrolls cinderella bowl

A few weeks back you might remember my rant about the ridiculous price an antique mall dealer put on a Cosmopolitan Casserole.  Well, fellow Pyrex Collective-ite Elizabeth posted a comment to say that she actually had the bottom of the casserole (to match the lonely lid that I had found).  After a few emails, the Cosmo bottom was on its way to me, while a couple of butterfly gold pieces were on their way to Elizabeth.  I can't tell you how excited I am to finally have a complete Cosmo!!

This was actually only my second trade - the first one being a great trade with Jenna (from Pyrex Collective II).  Ok, let me qualify that - a great trade for me....not so great for her as the *#@* post office decided to manhandle the package I sent and two of the pieces arrived in, well, pieces.  Word of advice - Insurance!

Needless to say, I was very nervous about the post office's performance for my second trade with Elizabeth, but lo and behold, package insurance does wonders for encouraging them to *be careful*!

Anyway, thanks ladies for the great trades!  More photos of the rest of my trade with Jenna coming soon to my website... Harriet and Quince


  1. It was a pleasure trading with you Chelsea!

  2. Trading sounds like the perfect way to complete a set! And a fun way too! yayyy!

  3. I just found that scrolls Cinderella bowl in the gold/ivory color scheme. I like it ok - but your blue one is GORGEOUS!!!

    Nice trade, I found the Cosmo lid once and I passed on it but every since I've regretted not buying it. Someone out there might just need the lid...