Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pyrex around these parts.....

has been scarcer than hen's teeth!! The only thing(s) I found this week are these two aqua Family Flair oval dishes. I really like their pale aqua color, and I thought $5 for both of them was a pretty good price. Does anyone know when they were introduced and what all was included in the Family Flair series?

Hope your Pyrex hunting has been better than mine!


  1. Love that color. I don't know anything about the Pyrex Flair sorry.

  2. Oh. My. Stars!

    I love them! I know nothing about the "Family Flair" Pyrex but judging by your photo - I LOVE THEM!!! Nice finds!

  3. Whaa? An aqua piece I didn't know existed?

    Great find!

  4. Nice pieces...I believe Pyrex Family Flair was introduced in 1955. I found a pink one about a month ago...I don't like pink...but love the

  5. Those are so pretty. Aqua anything is a GREAT find! I've only found a couple of pieces all month despite thrifting pretty regularly. I guess it's all being put out (and snapped up) in garage sales.