Thursday, June 30, 2011

My second post, some pics of my Pyrex, oh, and Happy Holiday weekend!

Hello, my fellow Pyrex-loving pals! I will give my tired hands a bit of rest and post some pics of my Pyrex finds in my new, ever-growing collection. In my first post, I recalled the actual date my collection began..May 7th of this gets sweeter every day. Happy holiday weekend, too! Hey, now here is a neat  idea..Will any of you create displays with red, white, and blue vintage Pyrex???  I have one piece in bright, primary red, two pieces in turquoise, and one solid white bowl...wonder what I can come up with? I bet some of you can create beautiful, festive 4th of July Pyrex share your pics!!!
{my collection on 18th of June, some not visible in the shot}
{snapped this pic while this piece was still on my wishlist at one of my hometown antique malls, it's mine now..#o43 , *MINT* condition, and half price, $3!}
{another recent find...on sale, it was $8.25..inclusive of lid AND cradle... :) }
{a Goodwill score, a shiny cradle (#78) at $1.99}
{my first Pyrex purchase on eBay, a #401 in Spring Blossom Green, near *mint* @ $6.99}
Enough pics for now..will post more soon..good night!


  1. Wow, you have a great collection started! I love the Verde bowl with the cradle!