Sunday, June 5, 2011

Not Pyrex, But Close To It

Wanted to share with all you 'collectors' out there something that took a month to purchase.

Saw these at Value Village about  six weeks ago. They were 'way' out of my price range. 

Kept my eye on them for a few weeks. Still too high.

Approached the 'display case' manager and asked if they would ever be reduced like some of the other items had been.

She looked at the date on them and said that they would be on the up-coming Friday.

I was there Friday and she saw me and went to the case and 'presto', they were reduced! These bowls are probably 1980's and maybe early 90's.....they are 'microwave' safe.

Nonetheless, I really like them and haven't seen others like them before. As you can see they were made by Anchor Hocking. They will 'fit in' quite nicely with my Pyrex bowls.


  1. I didn't realize VV gave reductions in the display case - good thing to know!! The bowls are very nice...

  2. Those are sooo cute. I see summer cookout written all over them!

  3. Great finds! Love the dots and the bright colours :)

  4. Wow, they're nice! Your patience paid off!

  5. I LOVE them! I'm a big bowl fan and polka dot fan, and can never resist bowls with polka dots!! Great find!!!

  6. Glad you finally got them! I love polka dots, and these are gorgeous!