Thursday, June 30, 2011

decorating with pyrex

i love using navy and white as a color combo during the summer and i thought it would be the perfect way to use my pyrex collection in my decorating.

do any of you use pyrex in your decorations? maybe some snowflake patterns at christmas?


  1. My turquoise and white butterprint is the basis of my entire kitchen (and sort of my entire house) decorating scheme. ...Hence the turquoise blog.

    My friend (and only non-blogger I know who understand The Pyrex Addiction) has stacked pyramids of refrigerator dishes on the shelves in her living room. They look awesome and add fabulous color to the room.

    Yours look great! I love seeing the blogs where people switch out what they display in their china cabinet depending on the season/holiday.

  2. I haven't yet but I plan to...there is a great vintage cabinet at my local antique mall I 'd like to buy so I can change out Pyrex for different seasons. I just deleted what I typed after I read the comment! Daydreaming in Turquoise, that's exactly what I want to do!! Snowflake in Winter, Spring Blossom Green in, well, Spring...or a mix of some yellow, green, pink, and turquoise would look beautiful in Spring...Autumn Harvest in Autumn with some Woodland...ahhhh, loving the possibilities!!! Love your navy & white!! Looks great!!!

  3. I love your Colonial Mist vignette!! I try to incorporate some of my Pyrex when I decorate for different holidays....especially in my kitchen.