Monday, June 6, 2011

Some Delphite, Some Bowls, Custards and a Fridgie

This past Saturday was a rainy one here in North Eastern Ontario but that didn't put too much of a damper on the yard sales  - the rain lifted and everyone was out in full force.   I found a few goodies - visit my blog to see what other goodies I found...

Three plates total - two supper and one side plate

These two bowls make three pieces of Forest Fancies this week!

This poor little guy has seen better days!

And - six Pyrex custard cups, one FireKing, Pyrex measuring cup and an Anchor Hocking gravy boat. 


  1. Love Delphite! The custards are great too....not to mention that gravy boat! Good finds Jill.

  2. Those Delphites are a lovely find! Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Wonderful finds Jill! :)