Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pyrex Daisy/Sunflower

Erin posted about a Daisy/Sunflower piece earlier this week and it reminded me I had one to talk about as well. This one was for sale in my etsy shop. I had found it with the stand. I don't know if that originally came with it or not. It's a divided dish and I never used it...what do you cook in a divided dish? I'd really love to hear what you guys use it for, I'm stumped.

My Sister in Law saw it and asked if I'd sell it to her sans shipping because we live near each other. She said "I really love Pyrex and my mom has the sunflower set. I've adored it for my whole life!" I had no idea she was into Pyrex I can't wait to talk to her about this!

I will just give it to her, I can't see myself charging family for Pyrex!


Here are the other pieces of Pyrex that I found on my recent road trip through Maine. I had been complaining recently that I never saw refridgerator dishes on my hunts so imagine my surprise when I found 2 full sets (in great condition!!). I grabbed the Snowflake Blue and then my boyfriend surprised me by buying the Primary set. He always indulges my love of Pyrex :)

Now, I should slow down on my purchasing because I need to find some shelves to display all my finds, but you know that won't happen! Happy Saturday to you all! :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Geez Louise

I was stunned today to see that this same Pyrex beauty I bought for $9.99 in St. Catharines (my folk's hometown near Niagara Falls) had a $12.99 price tag at the Value Village in Toronto. Are they onto us or what the heck's up?

On a warm 'n fuzzy note, I'm having so much fun looking at everyone's swell Pyrex collections. I'm always of two minds. "Oh wow, look at her beautiful bowl." A few moments later... "I'll always be the Pyrex bridesmaid - never the Pyrex bride." Happy/sad, happy/sad. It's like a Liza Minnelli concert.

Can you believe how many followers we have? Maybe we should go public on the stock exchange.

Bye now,

P.S. Any thoughts on virgin E-Bayers buying for the first time? What's involved? Is it worthwhile? Should I be worried about forking over grocery money, only to get a pile of pretty Pyrex shards in the post? Chime in please.

Need your help...

This is a little bowl that I scored a few months ago at one of my favorite little thrift stores. I walked by it several times before I picked it up. I really didn't think it was Pyrex, but something told me to turn it over and look. As you can see, it is marked Pyrex and and under that England. I've had no luck whatsoever in finding out anything about this bowl (i.e. pattern name, when it was produced). Does anyone know anything about it??


I took Monday off from work and my boyfriend and I went on a little road trip up to Maine. He knows of my love of Pyrex (he even got me this book for my birthday!) and so he knew we were stopping at some antique stores along the way :) Let me tell you, I hit the Pyrex motherlode! I haven't had time to photograph everything, but I did get to take a quick pic of these cute little 401's. Spring Blossom is my favorite, the blue primary is my 2nd piece of the set (I already have the yellow primary) and New Dots....well, need I say more? I really had to limit what I got, but luckily my boyfriend treated me to some pieces too :) I'll share more over the weekend - happy hunting!

Packing up the Pyrex & First Love

I am moving. The first order of business is to pack the Pyrex away. I have not seen my collection since I started collecting 2 years ago. I thought I have been collecting for over a year. Turns out its been 2 years in June. (yipee) I have been hiding Pyrex in every nook and cranny in the house that has space. My kitchen is more like a half wall than a full kitchen. Space is so limited that I resorted to hiding Pyrex all over the house. I really had no idea how much Pyrex I have purchased. I quickly found out. This is not all of my Pyrex. Not all of it would fit here and I am was too scared to put more out. I am still finding more each day in the house. I promise to take a better photo once I am all moved in and can display it properly.
This is the first piece that got me started. I saw it a few times before I purchased it. Then one day I had fear and panic set in. This is when Pyrexia hit me. I had this overwhelming get to the store and BUY it now panic feeling. I did. It was still there waiting for me. I said before that I $10.00 was the most I ever spent on Pyrex. Now I remember this is not true. This piece cost me $16.00. This is the most expensive piece I paid for in my collection. Worth every cent.
Plus I have fabric to match it. I am going to make a cozy for a dish. I need something fancy to carry my Pyrex dishes when I attend our crafty potluck dinner me and a few local crafty friends do once a month. Speaking of cozy, have you seen this? I really love love this. I wish wish to find this cozy. I am going to try to make one just like it. (*try*) I know there is a pattern for one in Stitch Magazine's Fall of 2009. It can be seen here. You have to purchase the magazine to get the free pattern. Which I did and have. I am sure you can order past issues. This is what the cover looks like. Do you have a cozy for your Pyrex?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hi, Linda from A La Carte here!  I am doing a Halloween tablescape over on my blog and thought the black and white Pyrex is a perfect fit!  I wanted to share these with you on The Pyrex Collective

 These two dishes are both promotional items

This Cinderella Oval Divided dish was a Fall Promotional Gift item in 1958.  It doesn't have an 'official' name but is called Barbed Wire
I was the lucky winner of this in a giveaway from my good friend and fellow Pyrex lover Vonlipi
I love this dish!

The other black and white is also a promotional item from Christmas 1959.  It is a snack server with a handle.  Again no official pattern name, but it is refereed to as Compass. 
This divided dish is a 1.5 Qt 
The brass handle is detachable.  It slips over the rim on each end of the dish.  I read on Pyrex Love that the handle is often lost. I was thrilled to find this in a thrift store last year for $2.99

So here are my favorite Black & White Pyrex pieces!

Happy Halloween!

Beautiful Black Pyrex

What do you think of this beautiful piece of Pyrex?  I love it!  It was on the bottom shelf at an antique warehouse that I visited on Saturday - I knew I had to have it!!  I visited quite a few antique markets over the weekend and didn't see one other charcoal piece - it's in mint condition and how nice to have a warmer - made a casserole in it tonight - things do taste better baked in Pyrex! 


Hi y'all! Newbie here. I'm Libby, and I've been collecting Pyrex for a little more than a year now. I'm so happy I found this blog!

So, you know that Pyrex piece we all have, tucked away in an upper cabinet somewhere, lonely, mismatched (don't get me wrong, I love my mismatched pieces!), and (*gasp*) unused? One of my very first pieces was the 443 bowl in the pink Gooseberry Cinderella set. As I collected more pieces, and my tastes changed a bit, poor little pinky was relegated to the top shelf of a cabinet. I've even considered putting it in my to sell or gift pile for a few months, but for some reason, just never did.

Yesterday, to celebrate finishing the first draft of my graduate thesis (yay!) I went junking for the afternoon. Lo and behold, guess what I found at the flea market? The matching 441 and 444 bowls! Huh. So maybe that's why I've been holding on to the loner all this time! At less than $15 for both, I snapped them up. They're really in great shape, too. All that's left is the 442, and I'll have a beautiful new set!

The (almost) happy family.

Nice to "meet" you all! 

My lil Treasures

My name is Amy and I am proud to be apart of The Pyrex Collective.

What do I do when the kids are in school? I go junking!!! Here are my 3 lil finds from yesterday.

Fire King (1PT), dainty, wheat, casserole dish with lid for $2.

Then I found the pretty, orange, wheat Pyrex (# 472-B 750 mi) for $1. I believe I have an extra lid for it too.

An sometimes I even hit the junk shops twice in one day (wut?!?). This pretty fridge dish w/ yellow flower (501 B 1 1/2c) $.75.

Hoss (my 7y/o) was looking at these this morning and he asked me if he could start collecting Pyrex too.

Just a little Halloween candy ...

Enjoy!!! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

how to know you have the perfect boyfriend...

...when part of your anniversary present is this:

we have been together for three amazing years, and i've always known he was a keeper. but when he walked up to my desk at work and handed me this book with a huge (look what good thing i did) smile on his face, i got goosebumps.

ladies (and gentlemen) i love this man!


taylor-made news

In Love

Pink Love, originally uploaded by jenib320.
I never knew how much I loved the pink mixing bowls until I had some of my own. I found the 404 and 403 on Saturday, and I picked up the 402 at a flea market on Sunday. Maybe that means I'll be finding the 401 soon?!

I am head-over-heels in love!

Pyrex Cookie Jar

Hi all! It's Leah from Storybook Ranch here to share my most recent Pyrex find:
a glass cookie jar, with fantabulously amazingly awesome gold wood grain etching...
I literally dug it out of a box at the Salvation Army warehouse & brought it home for a mere $1.00. I feel like I stole it.

The Pyrex god giveth, the Pyrex god taketh away...

I went back to the thrift store where I saw the strange pink gooseberry mixing bowl with the crown stamp and lo and behold, it was still there! So I brought it home, of course. Here it is:

It's a darker pink than the ones I've seen so far, more like a watermelon hue. Now after I saw the JAJ stamp, I thought this was it, but no, there isn't a JAJ stamp, just a crown:

I'm somewhat sure it's Pyrex, but couldn't find that crown stamp anywhere. Regardless, for $4.50, I think it's a find and I'm quite happy with it.

The same day, in fact a day after I was lecturing hubby on how to take care of Pyrex (no sudden extreme temperature changes, etc., yadda, yadda, yadda), I decided to make a roast in my cranberry Pyrex pan. I was in a hurry to get dinner on the table so we could go vote and at mid-point through cooking, I pulled the pan from the oven and ran it under the tap to add a bit of water to the roast to keep it moist. Well, as you can imagine, an explosion ensued that almost gave me a heart attack! As a result, the following pan no longer has a little brother : ^( :

I'm quite aware of the irony. Oh well, better to have learned this lesson with a run of the mill piece than with a vintage one! I would have really cried then!

Last week's finds........

After moaning and complaining so much about not having any luck finding Pyrex, I guess the Pyrex "gods" decided to smile down on me last week....

I'm pretty happy!! I especially like the Shenandoah! Just sorry it didn't have a lid!!

Hum Hum Fridgies!

I have a couple of new pieces but I was too lazy to take pics! So I thought I would go in the Vonlipi's Pyrex Vault and share some of my frigie pictures.

All in a row

Butterprint Deliciousness

Heavenly Delphite

Sunshiny Citrus

Cool Turquoise

Timeless Primary

I still haven't immortalize my Pink set. I also plan to take pictures of just the smaller ones, I will do this when all the yard work is done!

Have a great day :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Almost Whole.

Well first there was the big one, then the almost baby and now...

All together now!

The middle child! I picked it up at an antique mall. It wasn't as cheap as the big one but fairly priced for an antique mall.

Here they await the arrival of the last one. I'm hoping it just pops out at me next time I'm in a thrift store and it's $2 and in perfect condition. A girl can dream can't she?

Evolution of a pie plate

Hello pyrex people! One of my favourite incarnations of agee pyrex is the humble pie plate. I currently have 15 of these pieces in various sizes and colours, so I thought I'd show you all the evolution of this wonderful creature!

First up we have the plain round pie dish in clear glass. Crown Crystal Glass, an associate company of Australian Glass Manufacturers, made these in the 1930's, as you can see in this newspaper ad from 1934.
A.G.M ad (the ad's right down the bottom of the page)

By the 1940's, A.G.M. were making coloured versions of these pie plates, like the yellow one above. Both clear and coloured glass were sold as Agee Pyrex, here's a picture of the backstamp.
Sorry it's so blurry - it was hard to get a good shot! I love how the text is backwards. I guess for the clear dishes the text was the right way round when viewed from inside the dish :o)

At some stage A.G.M started making pie dishes in a really cute fluted shape.
Here is one in clear glass, and one with fired-on orange colour around the outside.

The next step for the pie plate was the move into white glass.

It still has an agee backstamp, although the text has now flipped so you can read it from the bottom.

In 1972 Crown Crystal Glass merged with the Australian subsidiary of the Corning Glass Works of USA to form Crown Corning Limited. I think that it is about this time that the backstamp changed to a crown like this:-

Although the company's name and stamp changed, many of the pieces seem to have remained the same. Here's a side-by-side comparison of 2 pie plates, one stamped agee and one with the crown.

Identical except for the backstamp! Although I'm mainly a collector of agee, I won't pass up a piece of crown if it's in great condition or a lovely colour.

Finally, here's my entire collection of white glass pie plates.
So far I've found 3 different sizes and 6 different colours, but I'm sure there are more out there!