Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Muffins a la 080

What do you do when you have enough muffin batter for a couple more muffins but you've used all your pans?

You grab your freshly-thrifted, 8-oz lime green Pyrex 080, of course!

Found at Goodwill on Sunday.  It even had the matching lid.

That monster muffin is mine!  (Gluten-free pumpkin chocolate chip.) 

pop quiz

No no. 2 pencil required!

Here are my two latest Pyrex finds; unfortunately, I don't know what either pattern is. If you know, please share! Thanks!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Well, Well, Well...

The long wait has finally ended (ok three months)...

I finally completed my set with the 401.

I feel so satisfied!

Now on to finding more aqua pieces! Have you seen this? I about died. 

Chicken soup in Pyrex

Hello, everyone! I'm new to the Pyrex Collective. I have a nice collection, which I use all the time, and I try to share some of my finds with two of my daughters, who also collect Pyrex. I love the thrill of the hunt! My best find ever was a Zodiac casserole, complete with golden compass lid, in excellent condition, for $12. This is now owned by Libby, also a Pyrex Collective contributor. My latest find is this tulip casserole with stand, in perfect condition.

Here's another idea for using your Pyrex. I took two casseroles to the florist and had her arrange flowers in them for my Thanksgiving tables.

And here's what happens when you make chicken soup and heat it up in Pyrex. Why bother with a serving bowl when you know you're going to eat it all? Just share from the Pyrex!

I also have a small collection of Fiestaware, which I stopped acquiring when it got so expensive, and a collection of baby and doll quilts. Antiquing is a lot of fun, but my true love is quilting, and therefore I also collect fabric! Check out my blog:  Quilt Stories.

Auction find--need help identifying!

Hi friends! It's great to see everyone using their Pyrex for baking & cooking. I recently attended an auction hoping to find Pyrex but actually ended up with a box of miscellaneous kitchenware. In the bottom of the box was this one piece of Pyrex.

Would anyone out there know what it's use might be?? There is no other Pyrex in the box but I thought it either might be for scientific purposes or for some part of a coffee or tea pot...would love to find a solution to this mystery. Please help if you can!

I baked in Pyrex!

I did it. I did it. I cooked in Pyrex. It felt AMAZING!

Thanksgiving meal was all about the Pyrex at the buffet table.
Seeing how my dishwasher broke 3 months ago and I have been washing (everything) by hand. I said, I'm going for it. I did. It felt liberating. Why did I wait so long to use my Pyrex? Anyone else get bold over the Holiday?

Ps. They washed up nice and clean. No problems. Just soaked them in hot soapy water.
Do I dare say I had fun washing dishes? Yes. Yes I did.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

Hi All! Alyssa here from The Lemon Tree.

Last Sunday my sister and I decided to cook our version of Thanksgiving dinner at our apartment for our guys. Everything was purchased from Trader Joe's and it was all down-right DELICIOUS! Deliciousness undoubtedly aided by preparing nearly everything in PYREX!

(most of) The spread.
Turkey (I was so excited to use my vintage platter!)

Green bean casserole

Mashed potatoes
Brown sugar carrots and stuffing in a couple of rogue Fireking and Glasbake dishes
The aftermath. And I'm happy to report all of the Pyrex cleaned up fabulously! Even all of that baked on cornbread. Won't hesitate to cook in it ever again!  

Did anyone else cook in their Pyrex for the holiday?

And on Thanksgiving Day...I was incredibly thankful that my aunt gave me this set of Pyrex bowls from her own kitchen! My mom has been passing the word around that I'm a collector :)

(this one has been loved)

#1 Son....

Look what my son (an avid bottle collector and antique lover) got for me last weekend! Since he was a little boy, he's always loved vintage and antique items. Now he's on the Pyrex trail for his Mom! Isn't that great?? :) :) When he came over Thanksgiving Day he brought me a set of Butterfly Gold salt and pepper shakers (which I plan on posting later). Also, yesterday when he was out and about, he found me a yellow Pyrex bowl. I think it's awesome that he's contributing to his Mama's Pyrexia!! ha, ha, ha....Now, if I could just get my daughter on the Pyrex bandwagon, I'd really be overrun with Pyrex!!! I've got to work on her some more!

correct me if i'm wrong...

... but is this

not a complimentary pattern to woodland?

it doesn't say pyrex anywhere on it... but i figured it matched, so why not buy the whole set? (and for $10 no less)and then as my luck would have it... the very next weekend i saw the remaining plates at another store (for less than $5)

now, did i make a big mistake in my pyrex-look-a-like haze? or was this a good find?

Yesterdays find...

Found this...I think a butter server...yesterday in great shape at a local goodwill for...$1.06!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

cool pyrex ad

I never go to the mall the weekend after Thanksgiving. Just isn't my scene. So, yesterday and today I went thrifting. I thought it would be fun to get some old magazines and frame some of the ads for my kitchen. As I was leafing through a McCalls from March 1961, I came across this beauty:

Here's a close-up:

And here's another:

Finally, this is the cover of the magazine:

In the ad, it says that the four piece cinderella bowls are only $4.95! I found this nifty calculator that tells you what a dollar was worth in today's value in any given year. Based on that, I figured that the bowls would cost $34.44 today, which still seems like a deal!

Happy hunting!

Yummy Pyrex

Hello my Pyrexanistas! (Yes, I just made that up!) 
Hope everyone is still nom-nom-noming on Thanksgiving leftovers :) 
How many of yall made Thanksgiving dishes in your Pyrex?? 

I baked my most favorite side in this beautiful promotional Golden Pine dish.

Brussels Sprouts!!

- Amanda @ Tall Glass of Water

My New Find...

This is my newest find. Picked this up at the Salvation Army store yesterday for $2.25.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blue Horizon Store & Serve

Happy Thanksgiving, neighbours to the South! It's SixBalloons here.

I wanted to share a few photos of a really nice Horizon Blue Store and Serve casserole I found a while back. When I first spotted this piece, it was the first time I had seen this Pyrex pattern. I thought it was nice how the floral band extended almost around the entire bowl, and how there were alternating pattern "panels".

This piece was missing its lid but still in great condition.

Can't wait to see what else is sitting on your shelves!

Pretty Pink Pyrex Giveaway!

Would you like to win this beautiful Pink Gooseberry 473 casserole?
Of course you would!
Because the holiday season is officially upon us,
and I am feeling rather generous,
I am giving away this pretty, pink casserole for FREE!

I would love for a fellow Pyrex-lover to win, 


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tis the Season for Pyrex

I don't mind confessing, here amongst like-minded individuals, that I am planning my Christmas recipes around what will look best in this Pyrex. I think a pink and aqua Christmas will be cooler than the traditional green and red. I just feel happy looking at it!

This week I happened upon the divided dish in the Snowflake pattern, which matched the casserole dish I already had.

AND I found my first bit of Pink Gooseberry! It's the large Cinderella Bowl. Pink Gooseberry and Butterprint are on my hit list so I was so happy to find this at a thrift shop! It was up near the front by the cash registers as if someone decided last minute not to purchase it. Luckily when I spotted it, nobody was in between me and the Gooseberry or there might have been bodily harm (probably to my body, I'm not the most agile person in the world).

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving. By safe, I mean no Pyrex breakages! =)