Wednesday, February 29, 2012

There are Few Things I Love More

than brussels sprouts and vintage Pyrex.

Combine them, and it's the perfect dinner.

My question is, does anyone else make an effort to match what they are cooking or baking to the piece of Pyrex?

Certain pieces just have certain FEELS, right?

I will just keep on mixing and matching.

Cause, ya know, there ain't no shame in my Pyrex game! :)

XO, Jessica from Crafting Happiness

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today I Baked

I Baked Vegan Smores Brownies.

For the first time.

And I can't tell you how HAPPY I was to
have some BEAUTIFUL vintage Pyrex to prep and bake with.

SO grateful for my collection.
Sometimes it's just the little, pretty things that make all the difference,

Happy Sunday night to you!

OH- and PS-
they were ahhhhmazing!

XO, Jessica from Crafting Happiness

Monday, February 20, 2012

Orange Butterprint!

It's mine... all mine... almost!

$12 for a mint #444 & #443
(i think)

More pics when I go pic them up! Have never seen orange Butterprint in person.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do You Have Any Corex?

I didn't even know what Corex was until yesterday when I started researching it - I went back and bought these three ivory cups that I had seen a few weeks ago, these mugs were made in Canada in the 40's - they're in perfect shape, I paid $1.50 for each one.  I blogged about them over here, if you want to read a bit more about Corex and Canadian Pyrex, click on the link.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pyrex in Action: Yummy Brownies

Hello Pyrex Lovers, SixBalloons here! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I have to share some photos with you of some yummy and easy brownies we like to make at home.

I like to use my workhorse Pyrex pieces - the yellow Fridgie and raised lettering measuring cup.  We don't normally have dessert or cake mixes in the house, but when we stumbled upon this one, we figured we had a winner.

The best part about the brownies is the nice crust that develops after baking. Yum!

Of course I have to serve these on Pyrex too, namely my beautiful Delphite side plate. Mmm, I love the corner piece. FYI this is not a sponsored post or anything, I just really enjoy these brownies and wanted to share my Pyrex in Action! Feel free to stop by at for a few more photos!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pyrex Meet-Up/Trade Toronto

Several months back some wonderful ladies organized a successful Pyrex meet-up/trade in the GTA, and we've decided to have another! This one will be in the Yonge/Steeles area on Thursday, February 23rd.

Everyone is welcome, even if you don't have anything to trade. Send an e-mail to if you'd like to be added to our mailing list.

We hope to see you there!

Happy Valentines Day

Just a  little pink for cupids day


Monday, February 13, 2012


I picked this piece up just over a month ago on the big auction site.  It is a 4 quart 444 with a very attractive red design.  I can't find a name for the pattern, though most describe it as a Gypsy theme.  I gave a little more for it than I normally would (or a little more than a little more) but I have been wanting this piece for a long time so I used some money I got for Christmas and picked this up.  I have seen pictures of a smaller bowl before which I believe just had the cart on it and no horse.  Not sure, but I think it was a 442 bowl.  Can anybody shed some light on the name of this piece or when it was made?

Hope you all have had some successful Pyrex hunting lately!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Resistance is Futile

 If you've followed my previous posts you know that I stick firmly to my self imposed rule of only collecting Aqua, Orange and Daisy/Citrus Yellow.

I broke my own rule.

How could I resist? It's the special grass green color that I've only seen two pieces in (The crazy quilt and this utility dish).

Here's out it looks with the rest of my collection, it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, just kind of blends in to the aqua.

(Sorry for the bad lighting. My overhead kitchen light is out)

I'm so glad they didn't make a whole collection in this color, otherwise I might be in trouble.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Black Fridgie

I come across these online every once in a while, and finally I stumbled across one to make my own.  It is a 503 large fridgie.  All I ever see is the 503 - I have a feeling this might have been an individual piece and not part of a set, but I don't know for sure.  Does anybody know anything about this piece?  Was it part of a set?  Did it possibly come with some kind of a stand?  I personally think Pyrex would have made an awesome set using this black piece, a red 502 fridgie, and a couple of gray 501 fridgies (I've never seen gray fridgies - or anything other than dinnerware for that matter).  Maybe I'll buy a couple of dishwashed to death fridgies that I can spray paint, and create my own set to go with this!

Monday, February 6, 2012

If this ain't delphite than kiss my..

...assumption that it was.

I'm not positive if this is delphite or not, I do not have much experience with it - I only own one delphite refrigerator dish & it is thick, these seem rather thin, they are unmarked, I don't believe they are Pyrex, but can someone shine some light on them for me?

Thank you in advance!

- Sir Thrift-A-Lot

Question for the Experts

Hello Pyrex kinfolk,
I received the following email from Alyssa. Could anyone answer her question?
Canadian Erin

Hello to you. I've been looking at your blog in hopes of finding some information about this giant beaker. Do you have any idea where I could find more information about this logo and the year it might represent? I'm totally lost - have wasted a lot of time today trying to figure this out. Thanks in advance - love the pics on your blog!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Butterprint Fridgie Score!

Hello Everyone, SixBalloons here... by the way, I see this is Post #900! Amazing stuff. =)

I am wrapping up my series on thrifting in Victoria, BC where I was on vacation two weekends ago for a wedding.

My favourite find of the trip was this beautiful Pyrex Butterprint fridgie! I loved it even more when I saw the price tag...

Yay, $2.95 and in perfect condition! I also saw three lids for the 043 small casseroles for a bargain, but I don't actually have any orphaned Pyrex dishes needing those. Feel free to read more about my adventures thrifting in Victoria at!

Primary Cinderella Bowls...

...okay, this wasn't originally a set.  I saw a set of these someone collected on the big auction site one time and decided to recreate it.  To the best of my knowledge, Pyrex never made a primary set of bowls in the Cinderella style.

I do like the way these colors work together.  I had a hard time deciding between the lighter more pale yellow or a more golden yellow bowl that I came across.  If I come across a decently priced golden yellow 443 sometime, I may try it with the set to see if it looks better.  Anyway, the pieces have all been picked up individually, mostly online (living in a tiny little town 45 minutes from the nearest thrift shops can make collecting locally a little difficult).  I have been trying to determine which sets each of the bowls originally came from, and I believe that the little green 441 is from the Verde Square Flower set, the blue 442 I believe is from a Horizon Blue set.  I am unsure what set the yellow 443 came from, does anybody have any ideas?  I am fairly certain that the red 444 is part of the Friendship set.

Has anybody else collected pieces that didn't originally come together to create a new set?

the good the bad and the ugly

hi everyone!

these two blue bowls are my latest finds.
i bought them last weekend at a huge sale hosted
by a women's group that fundraises for a local museum

i put them next to my primary set so that you can get an idea of their true sizes.
they are marked 483 and 485.
are they new?
are they old?
any one know what they are?

of course, these are the good. and now for the bad and the ugly. this refers to behavior and thankly not our precious pyrex. my rant for the day....this morning i went to an estate sale. it was called for 9am and i got there about 10 minutes early. by my best guess, i was number 17 in line. as soon as the doors opened, the line moved quickly and we were all allowed inside the teeniest tiniest little house. but people were being so rude! pushing and shoving to make their way thru. grabbing and grabbing at everything in the house

in the end , i saw one woman with two spring blossoms (444, 443), and i had found a yellow desert dawn pie plate. i stood in line to pay and noticed that a couple of older gentlemen ahead of me had a blue stripes 401, and bg 401 and a yellow stripes 402 amongst other items they had found. they paid and moved out to the porch to wrap their stuff. i paid and also went out and politely inquired about the striped bowls. would they be interested in letting me buy them? no...did they collect were they planning on re-selling them? YES! ugh..

ok so i guess i'm mostly mad at myself for not arriving earlier. perhaps i've been spoiled up to now as i've kinda felt like i would go to an estate sale in my area and i've been the only one scooping up the pyrex. so now, i've got these guys as my competition?

its getting competitive out there folks...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pyrex III is Here!

Hello there,

Jeni B from In Color Order has once again created a beautiful page for the third Pyrex Collective. Check it out now! If you have emailed me requesting authorship (gee, I never talk that way), I will begin entering my backlog of emails. I'm working on report cards, but I hope to have the new members added within the next day or so. Thanks for being patient.
To Jeni - thanks on behalf of everyone in the collective.
Butterprinterly Yours,
Erin H

Jewelry Drawer Organization--Using Pyrex!

Hello Pyrex friends!  Anna from Victory Garden Yarn here!  I just thought I'd pop by & share yet another way I like to use bits of my Pyrex collection around the house!  Since I live in a rather small one bedroom apartment, with the boyfriend, while operating my handcrafted business out of my living room, and while continuing to amass a somewhat large collection of Pyrex, we have to be quite creative in how we use and store it all.
(Otherwise we might get crowned with the dreaded title of Hoarders...)

At the beginning of the year we decided our apartment needed to be completely cleaned out & overhauled in order to set up a home office for my business--yippee!  The task was (and still is, not done yet!) rather exhausting, but I had to start somewhere.  I decided my incredibly unorganized & downright chaotic jewelry drawer was an excellent place to start!
Here's what I did:

I took all the bits & baubles out of my little drawer and proceeded to scurry around the house finding just the right height of pretty Pyrex to lay in the bottom.  Luckily, small pieces of Pyrex like teacups, my lime green brownie dish, and the teensy 8oz casseroles fit in my drawer perfectly!
I nestled enough pieces in the drawer so things won't shift around too much when I open & close it (this took a bit of time to get just right, be patient!), then used those pieces to organize things like sunglasses, handkerchiefs, rings, watches, and hair clips.

I placed in the bottom of the teacups & small casseroles a few of my delicate antique pendants & pins that tend to get lost easily, then hung my earrings around the edges so I can see & find them all in a pinch!
(Which is funny, I haven't worn earrings in a few years! Maybe I'll start again now that I can see them...)

The top of my dresser was a cluttered mess of lotions, potions, perfumes, and a few random hair products, so I grabbed one of our extra large charger pieces of Pyrex dishware and arranged it all rather neatly on the plate.
Those chargers/serving plates don't fit comfortably in any of our kitchen cupboards, so I'm happy to be able to 'store' one in a handy, useful spot where I get to see it on a daily basis.

I've been using my drawer in this lovely & organized manner for almost a month now and I absolutely love that I have all my pretties in there to greet me whenever I open it--including some of my beloved Pyrex collection!

Hopefully I've inspired some of you to reassess how you use pieces of your Pyrex collection!  I know I love being able to enjoy mine as much as possible, whenever and wherever possible around the house!
P.S. My jewelry drawer is one of the smaller drawers of a Hemnes 6-drawer chest from Ikea--it's quite a common dresser, so if you happen to have one you can easily do this with some of the same Pyrex pieces too!