Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jewelry Drawer Organization--Using Pyrex!

Hello Pyrex friends!  Anna from Victory Garden Yarn here!  I just thought I'd pop by & share yet another way I like to use bits of my Pyrex collection around the house!  Since I live in a rather small one bedroom apartment, with the boyfriend, while operating my handcrafted business out of my living room, and while continuing to amass a somewhat large collection of Pyrex, we have to be quite creative in how we use and store it all.
(Otherwise we might get crowned with the dreaded title of Hoarders...)

At the beginning of the year we decided our apartment needed to be completely cleaned out & overhauled in order to set up a home office for my business--yippee!  The task was (and still is, not done yet!) rather exhausting, but I had to start somewhere.  I decided my incredibly unorganized & downright chaotic jewelry drawer was an excellent place to start!
Here's what I did:

I took all the bits & baubles out of my little drawer and proceeded to scurry around the house finding just the right height of pretty Pyrex to lay in the bottom.  Luckily, small pieces of Pyrex like teacups, my lime green brownie dish, and the teensy 8oz casseroles fit in my drawer perfectly!
I nestled enough pieces in the drawer so things won't shift around too much when I open & close it (this took a bit of time to get just right, be patient!), then used those pieces to organize things like sunglasses, handkerchiefs, rings, watches, and hair clips.

I placed in the bottom of the teacups & small casseroles a few of my delicate antique pendants & pins that tend to get lost easily, then hung my earrings around the edges so I can see & find them all in a pinch!
(Which is funny, I haven't worn earrings in a few years! Maybe I'll start again now that I can see them...)

The top of my dresser was a cluttered mess of lotions, potions, perfumes, and a few random hair products, so I grabbed one of our extra large charger pieces of Pyrex dishware and arranged it all rather neatly on the plate.
Those chargers/serving plates don't fit comfortably in any of our kitchen cupboards, so I'm happy to be able to 'store' one in a handy, useful spot where I get to see it on a daily basis.

I've been using my drawer in this lovely & organized manner for almost a month now and I absolutely love that I have all my pretties in there to greet me whenever I open it--including some of my beloved Pyrex collection!

Hopefully I've inspired some of you to reassess how you use pieces of your Pyrex collection!  I know I love being able to enjoy mine as much as possible, whenever and wherever possible around the house!
P.S. My jewelry drawer is one of the smaller drawers of a Hemnes 6-drawer chest from Ikea--it's quite a common dresser, so if you happen to have one you can easily do this with some of the same Pyrex pieces too!


  1. Anna, I've used Pyrex to organize my pantry! I have bottles of sauce in one large pink fridgie and vinegars standing on the matching clear lid. I also place my olive and vegetable oils in the pink loaf pan to keep the shelf from getting greasy.

  2. I started this week trying to thoroughly clean one room at a time. I am nearly dead, but proud I have a very clean bedroom. Have a long way to go tho. You have some very nice pieces of Pyrex.