Monday, February 13, 2012


I picked this piece up just over a month ago on the big auction site.  It is a 4 quart 444 with a very attractive red design.  I can't find a name for the pattern, though most describe it as a Gypsy theme.  I gave a little more for it than I normally would (or a little more than a little more) but I have been wanting this piece for a long time so I used some money I got for Christmas and picked this up.  I have seen pictures of a smaller bowl before which I believe just had the cart on it and no horse.  Not sure, but I think it was a 442 bowl.  Can anybody shed some light on the name of this piece or when it was made?

Hope you all have had some successful Pyrex hunting lately!


  1. Wow! I've never seen this pattern before. It's just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love it also, and I have never seen this pattern before.

    It's amazing what all is out there on a pyrex bowl

    So glad you found it for yourself

    Happy Valentines Day

  3. This is the weirdest pattern! I love it!
    Definitely going to keep my eyes open for one.

  4. Nice find! I've never seen it before either!

  5. I have the same bowl. And so do 1 or 2 others on the Pyrex love Flickr site. I just love it. I've seen it referred to as Gypsy Caravan but nobody really seems to know for sure. One of the other ladies said her aunt has the smaller one you mentioned and this size. Terrific find for you!

  6. I found the smaller one without the it!