Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some recent additions....

Happy Halloween fellow pyrexers!!

I just wanted to share some of my recent additions and some random thoughts...bear with me :)

So, I've been collecting Pyrex for just over a year now. It is not uncommon that I get all kinds of comments from the "peanut gallery" about my collecting. I'm sure you've all heard similar remarks about being obsessed, needing an intervention or some such nonsense.

Let's think about this...I could have some really awful addiction like drugs or alcohol. Pyrex..not inherently bad for your health. (Ok, maybe you need some gloves or moisterizer to help with the hand washing).

A single piece of well thrifted or estate-sold pyrex is significantly less expensive than a pair of new shoes or a fancy designer purse.

Anyone can go online and find something they want they go to the store to buy it. When thrifting, the thrill is in the hunt. You enter the store ( do they all have that KNOW that smell) and quickly walk to the housewares section and hope that no one else is headed there and looking for pyrex, too. From twenty feet or so away you think you see something and it turns out to be...

...really???? an early american solid brown 404??? only $3.99? your heart skips a beat!! can you honestly tell me that you get the same rush when your strolling through a department store? not me

Well, enough musings for one night. In case you were interested, the horizon 045 i picked up yesterday for $6.99 and if you look closely, she's already in my fridge with a greek salad for a work potluck tomorrow. I also managed to complete my sets of the harvest wheat and the woodland casserole sets so I thought I would share those, too.

And that snowflake lasagna about my heart skipping a beat!! I orginally saw it at a local thrift store that has a "vintage" section. It was mark $, thrift store!!! not antique store. Anyways, they have those colored tags so I just happened to be there on the day its tag color was at 75% off so it only set me back $12.50. And that little yellow dish ($1.49) is my new favorite dish in my kitchen.

In advertently, I've been hunting for the solid blue 402 from the blue horizon set if anyone has one that they would be interested in trading

thanks for looking!! and happy halloween!

leslie :)

Little bitty pyrex

I was shopping on my way home today from a wonderful trip to Louisiana Missouri which I am writing about on my blog

anyway look at this cute little bitty covered casserole and it's in pink . It will fit in the palm of my hand .
I hope the pictures shows how small it is. I had never seen one so small maybe you have?


Friday, October 28, 2011

Pyrex Inspired Halloween Decorations

Hi Pyrex lovers!  I have just come across the most amazing Halloween decoration inspired by Pyrex and just had to share with you all.  Graphic designer Shelly McGown was looking for inspiration for something different for her pumpkin this year and was inspired by her favourite Pyrex dish pattern - Butterprint.

Isn't it just gorgeous!!

Read Shelly's Guest Post on OnePlusOneDesign blog.  (Picture found via Pintrest).

Happy Halloween :)


I managed to snag some bowls in the Daisy yellow. I bought these from a seller on etsy. I've only seen the 401 at flea markets and it's always in sad shape the the seller usually wants $10 for it and is unwilling to go lower.

I paid a little more than I would've liked for them but they are in great shape, they're the exact school bus yellow I love and my birthday is Tuesday. I've scored some pieces for one or two dollars so I figure it all evens out.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I did say I was toning down my collection, but....

Yesterday my fiance and I went for a nice fall drive to pick up some pumpkins. We stopped at one of my fave antique malls and got so caught up in all the goodies that we were too late for pumpkins by the time we left. I hadn't been since the summer and I was pleasantly surprised to find it stocked full of new, delicious Pyrex! I had to limit myself on how much I could spend because there were so many pieces I wanted to bring home with me!

This is what I came away with...A Town and Country 444, a Daisy 472 and 473, a turquoise Butterprint 475, a Snowflake Blue oval casserole dish (which I had no idea even existed before then), and a charcoal snowflake space saver (to replace the one I re-homed a few months back and decided I really missed).

I was so excited to find the Butterprint 475. Now the 474 is at the top of my wish list, so I can complete the set. Even though I love collecting some of the more rare dishes, Butterprint has always been one of my favourite patterns..roosters, farmers, wheat stalks, turquoise and could it not be?

I've been really into these opaque lids lately, Daisy and Friendship especially so I jumped on these dishes. I definitely over paid for the two with bottoms, but I still paid less than I would have online (shipping to Canada is painful!) and I have been looking for them for about a year with no luck so I justified the splurge.

It was so much fun to find Pyrex in person again, and to spend an afternoon hunting through vintage and antique goodies. My fiance even found a few treasures, including a birthday gift for a friend and a new Flinstones mug for himself (yabba dabba doo I love drinking from you!).

Friday, October 21, 2011


I was trying to get my garage cleaned out so I can get my car in because the frost is here in mid Missouri. Anyway moving over my flea market boxes set this 3 piece set of pink pyrex bowls . I thought my gosh Icould have broke them just setting under all this stuff well now they are in the kitchen setting on some cook books safe and sound. I am still needing the second big bowl the white one gooseberry is the pattern


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How much would you pay for a balloon?

I haven't had much luch on the Pyrex front lately, but tonight I was at the local Previously Loved looking for my halloween costume and I came across the large Balloon Promotional Cinderella Dip Bowl from the Chip and Dip Set. This is the first piece of promotional I have found, and my first decent Pyrex in months. The only downside? $19.99. There is no tax so it would be $19.99. It is in great condition, so I have to ask how much you would pay for a balloon?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another mystery ....

i found this 043 on etsy and picked it up in denver this past weekend. of course, the photo misrepresents the true colour which is kind of a dusty green with the gold design. anyone know what pattern this is? i'm guessing its a promo piece

thanks! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Still Life With Pyrex

Mom and Pops bought me this beautiful bowl in Brighton, Ontario and loaded it with local apples. It doesn't take much to make me happy. This is almost all I need:)

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Here's what my collection looked like in August:

Here it is today:

I didn't think it could get better than the aqua and orange combo but adding the school bus/daisy/citrus yellow really does it for me. I love it!

I've slowed down on collecting, I actually have the will to say no to pieces now. I'd like to cobble together a set of bowls with the two 403's I have (orange and yellow) and I don't think I can ever say no to a fridgie...oh and if I found large orange utility pan I certainly won't turn it down.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Pile of Pie

Hi everyone, I am building up a tiny collection of Pyrex fluted edge pie dishes which I thought I'd share :-)

To read about how I missed out on adding to my little collection further and see a few more recent finds please come over and visit me at Thrifted Treasure :-)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Latest Finds

Hello fellow Pyrex-maniacs!  I recently came across two new-to-me pyrex finds to add to my growing collection.  The Woodland 2.5l casserole dish I brought a few weekends ago at the local markets here in Cairns, which I paid a little too much for, but I really needed a casserole dish this size.  The little green Gooseberry dish I scored yesterday at the op-shop for $1.  It will come in handy and is the same size as my lime green Spring Blossom.  Both were found with no lids, but they are easy enough to come by.

Have a wonderful pyrex filled week :)


Sunday, October 9, 2011


I have two pieces up for trade,

this #444 Gooseberry, outside is in superb condition, but there are utensil marks on the inside. Pics available.

Also, this promotional Meadow casserole with lid. Casserole itself is in absolute amazing condition. The lid has a small issue, about 2-3 cm on the inside of the lid a small crack? or something. It's no biggie & isn't too noticeable.

Local trades only - Toronto. I can only travel on the subway line. I will be coming to Montreal & Windsor within the next two weeks.

My interests: butterprint, gooseberry, pink, aqua, fridgies, dots.
Very good to excellent condition only.

Let me know!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mom & Dad's Pyrex Find for Little Old Me

You may recall my post from last month that included an email from my mother telling me about a pristine Pyrex chip and dip set she found for next to nothing at a church rummage sale in St. Catharines, ON. It may have been Thorold. Anyway, here it is!
Loves me some Balloons! Thank you Mom and Pops. You're the best. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to my Canuck Pyrex pals.
P.S. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and have thrifted something mysterious and/or dark, please click here. There is a show being developed and they want to hear from you. Too bad the show's not being shot in the Southern States or New England. There would be a lot more stuff. Cheers,

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Mod kitchen - is in my kitchen!!!  I don't care that it doesn't have the lid or the cradle - I love it and I love the price even better - $2.99 at Value Village - I couldn't get to it fast enough - it was a little dirty but it cleaned up really nice. 

What's even more amazing about it is the date on the tag - 09/19 - it must have been waiting for me because that's two weeks ago - why, why, did nobody snatch that up before I spotted it yesterday.

This 441 Butterprint Cinderella didn't even make it onto the shelf - I grabbed it from the cart - $1.99

At another stop I found this great 2 litre juice carafe - I have the smaller size but this will be so much better as it will actually hold a whole container of juice!  Price - $1.

That Mod Kitchen just made my day!!

I'm going to blog about some other treasures on my blog

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dress Up Your Kitchen with Pyrex Art

Hi everyone! I just put my Pyrex art prints on sale 4 for $20 in Erin Ink's Etsy shop. Normally the prints are $8 each so this is a major savings - just for my fellow Pyrexians here at Pyrex Collective! Get a set to dress up your vintage kitchen or give them to a fellow collector friend for their birthday or Christmas.

I have a couple of listings set up that say SALE and are for 4 prints. You can find all of the art prints under the ART PRINTS tab in my shop:

You can choose from any art print in my is a little preview:

I also have magnets in each of the art print designs!

Thanks for looking! Happy Pyrex hunting this week!!


free for me

A friend went to an auction and i bought a set of bowls and came home to watch her 2 babies .
So after the auction she came in and she was showing me all her goodies and said I got this for you OMg as they say I was so excited just to get something pyrex and it was nice my special friend was thinking of me.

I have homemade chocolate chip cookies in it right now and going to use it for a refrigerator dish, I'm going back to glass dishes for the fridge

love the lid also thanks for looking

Monday, October 3, 2011

Anyone know the name of this casserole?

...what is this brown 043? talk about a monday score!!! at one store i found this casserole, a set of woodlands (401-403) and a 475, plus a 444 of the forest fancies which completes that set for me.

thanks in advance for your help! :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Wonderful Pyrex Sale

It was a really chilly, rainy day yesterday and I almost didn't go shopping.  I stopped at one family-run estate sale, though, and I'm so happy I did!

I got the mother-lode of pyrex refrigerator dishes.  The only downside is that they were all FILTHY!  All of them had dried baked food crusts and  a film of brown scum -- the kind that some old people have in their houses when they just don't clean well...for years.  I wasn't sure if the it was dirt on them or if the finish was gone, but decided to take my chances.

I got these great fridgies and a percolator (with no inside parts)...

I've never seen this pattern before.  It's a fired on white finish with gold painted pinecones.  The pinecones are on the lid, too.  Can you tell me the pattern name?
After I snapped some pictures, I got to work scrubbing.  It took 3 sinks of dishwater to get the grime off.   Did you know that a Pyrex percolator comes apart?   I didn't, but I do now!

FINALLY everything was clean! 
All in all, I'd say I had found a prince of a Pyrex sale!