Monday, February 28, 2011

I Decided to Send an Email...

I LOVE vintage Pyrex, and even have several pieces that aren't so vintage and love them too. I love seeing what everyone finds when they post it here, and was thinking how awesome it would be if the folks at World Kitchen LLC (current producers of Pyrex) knew how many people are just as crazy as I am for the bright, colorful vintage Pyrex...and even more awesome...if they decided to create some new kitchenware with a nod toward the vintage that we all love so much.

So, I went to their website and sent them a message...

     "I have been purchasing Pyrex for the past 23 years, since I've been married. Lately, I've been collecting the brightly colored vintage Pyrex. I have met several hundred other collectors online who love the old brightly colored stuff too. While we buy and use the clear and visions Pyrex, our hearts really skip a beat when we use our fun and bright vintage stuff. We would LOVE to see new Pyrex with bright new colors and designs!!! Just like the Fiesta line has reinvented itself, Pyrex could do the same-with probably just as many followers or more than the Homer Laughlin company has with their Fiesta line. Please consider creating a new line of funky brightly colored Pyrex!!!!"

Today I found this reply in my inbox...
     "Thank you for contacting World Kitchen, LLC.
Thank you for your product suggestion!  We have forwarded your idea to our design team for their review.
For further assistance, please contact our Consumer Care Center at 800-999-3436.  Representatives are available from 8am to 6pm, EST, Monday through Thursday, and 8am to 5pm on Friday, and will be more than happy to assist you.

World Kitchen Consumer Care Center"

Maybe if enough people contacted them with the same suggestion...just maybe they'd give it a second thought! 

Click here to visit their website's "Contact Us" page. Let them know what you think!

Wouldn't you LOVE to see some new, brightly colored and FUN Pyrex in the stores??

My Second Fridgie and A Lot More!

Finding my first fridgie was thrilling, but it was just as exciting to find my second one. This time it’s a 1-1/2 cup Butterprint, turquoise on white with the lid….I’m so happy!!! The $2.50 price was easy on the pocketbook, too.

Finding the fridgie would have been enough excitement for one day, but there was more Pyrex to discover. I also found...........

         (2) 1-1/2 pint Cinderella bowls           
Top: Sandalwood   
Bottom: Butterfly Gold

(2) Casseroles with lids
Top: 1-quart Horizon
Bottom: 1-pint matching blue
I’m wondering if these were sold together.


Top: Snowflake divided casserole (no lid)
Bottom: Friendship lid only

WOW!  Now I know how you guys feel when you find several pieces of Pyrex at one time!!!  
It’s a blast and …… I wanna do it again!!!

I have one question about the Friendship lid.....
What is it for?.....a divided casserole, a regular oval casserole, or something else?
Any information would be appreciated!

Weekend & last week finds

Happy Monday! I really didn't find any beautiful, must have Pyrex this past weekend or last week like some of you did, but I did find a few a things. Without further ado, here they are:

This makes my second green primary bowl, but the price was cheap and I couldn't resist!

Have any of you ever seen a solid color Corning Ware dish like this? I hadn't until I spotted this at, of course I bought it. From what I've researched, I don't think that's the original lid. I think the original lid was solid green like the bowl.

Well, that was my little haul for the past week, and weekend. Nothing real fancy or dazzling, but still Pyrex.

Pink Pyrex & A Sneak Peek

Here is my newest addition to my vintage pyrex collection:

More Flamingo Pink!

A pretty flamingo pink round baking dish!  It didn't look this nice when I picked it up at the local VV - it was covered in yellow grease stains.  With a little ceramabryte & TLC it was transformed into this beauty.  It will have a permanent home in my studio with my matching pink casserole I found the other week.

And the sneak peek?  This cute little vintage sheet fat quarter bundle I am giving away as part of the Vintage Sheet Blog's one year celebration.  Visit Pink Fawn's Notebook tomorrow for all the details!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Collection

Hi Everyone!
This is my first post on Pyrex Collective. I've finally gotten around to documenting my collection. Happy hunting!
Terra at work, I keep it on my desk, it makes me happy! $1.99 VV.

Medallion Promo Cinderella, no candle warmer, 25 cents at a garage sale.
Snowflake Cinderella was free from my mom's friend.

These came from an antique shop, $25 but I needed them :)

Summer Impressions, picked up at a senior's sale.
I have not come across these custard dishes again. A very happy find!

Butterfly Gold, too cute to pass up, VV find.

Verde! Truly loved and dishwasher ruined,
gifted to my mom after she commented to a friend that I collected Pyrex!

Found on different thrifting days, missing all three lids.

Verde Casseroles! Free again from a colleague of my mom's!

Friendship, paid too much but had to have them!

Great Grandma's Fridgies!

Fridgies at work in the washroom, holding cotton balls and Q-Tips!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

WTHeck? Pyrex looking kind of "odd".

I found this odd looking pyrex thingie...does anyone know what it is?  My hubbie thought maybe a gravy seperator then said it is something medical or science related.

I just think it is cool.  Picked it up at Goodwill today and thought it was odd so I bought it to show on here to see if anyone could tell me WTHeck it is.



A Pyrex Happy Day!

Hello friends,

Popping in to share today's bounty. I've been patiently waiting for this particular antique sale that was held today. I met my pal Char there early and it was jam packed, but I managed to squeeze thru the crowds to get my hands on a few lovelies.

I found these delphite fridgies for $20. I had no idea they were made in Canada. Very cool. These make me really happy.

 My heart almost stopped when I saw this favourite pattern! Maybe priced a bit high at $18, but considering how rare it is for me to find anything Friendship the price was just right. It's also in terrific condition.

Lastly, I bought these Pink Daisy space savers for $14.50. I really love them in all their pink glory.

So the sale was great and I was pleased with the haul. It wasn't the jackpot I hit the last time this sale was held, but I was happy. I normally buy my Pyrex at thrift stores and garage sales and these are items I would NEVER see at those places.

But that's not the only Pyrex the day had in store for me. Char (who is always on the lookout for me) had these cute Butterfly Gold casseroles waiting for me in her vehicle.

She also had this amazing Snowflake divided dish (in fantastic shape too).

How lucky am I to have my very own personal Pyrex shopper?

Here's all of it together. Oh, happy day!

I hope your day was full of Pyrex too!

branching out

This is a shot of my recent loot from ONE (magical) thrift store.

see that lovely yellow casserole on the far left? i literally jumped up and down and squealed when i saw it (for a good price too).

but for anyone who has read my posts before... i'm the girl who only collects turquoise and green.

but since i found that lovely casserole, i have decided to collect all the casserole colors (baby steps, right?)

i just think they are SO pretty together and i can't wait to find the lime green one next. does anyone know of any other colors?

Pyrex in Action

Hello Pyrex Collective!

It has been a while since I posted,
so I thought that I would pop by with a picture of some Pyrex in action.
My turquoise 402 is currently home to a delicious kale salad.
Turquoise can make even the healthiest vegetables enticing!

What is your favorite thing to serve in Pyrex?

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!


To the Good People at Corning...

To the good people at Corning,

We love Pyrex - it's a natural fact. We love the colours and whimsical patterns manufactured by Pyrex in the fifties, sixties, and yes - even seventies. How could something as practical as glass bowls and oven dishes be so beautiful? We ask this question daily as we gently hand wash our Primary Color bowls and drool over fruit stacked in dishes with names like Butterprint.

Do you realize that there are legions of Pyrex-obsessed people around the globe, most of whom find it hard to get excited by the clear glass Pyrex that's being produced nowadays? True, it's very handy and most of us have at least one, not-so-exciting glass Pyrex measuring cup in the cupboard, but we yearn for more.

Question: Have you ever considered launching a new line of colored Pyrex with bold, funky, modern designs? My heart belongs to old timey Pyrex and I'll always be scouring thrift stores and yard sales for vintage Pyrex, but I'd seriously consider spending money on new Pyrex if you could do what you did fifty years ago, but with a futuristic twist.

Think about it. There's over two hundred followers of this blog who would probably be available for new pattern feedback.

Erin - Toronto Yardsaler


Since I starting collecting Pyrex about a year ago, I noticed that fridgies seem to be hard to find here in the Twin Cities. Fridgies in good condition are even rarer. This past few weeks, luck has been on my side.

My first set (minus the largest fridgie) I found together. They were pushed to the back of the shelf near the bottom. I had been talking to another shopper (the two fiesta sets in my cart caught her eye) and wasn't really paying attention to what was on the shelf until another shopper moved a couple of ... well, something. I don't remember. I just remember seeing the pyrex. And diving for it.

Okay, so I didn't dive for it. That's what I did in my mind. Luckily, I was able to stop myself before I did that. Whew!

When I had a chance, I pushed a few more items aside and pulled out a three piece set of Spring Blossom. It looks like it is unused. Beautiful!

My first pieces of pyrex were a set of Spring Blossom cinderella bowls. (I had bought them because my mom had a set of them when I was growing up. And would never let me use them.)
I have slowly been collecting other Spring Blossom pieces as I find them in thrift stores.

The two smaller ones cost $2 each and the larger one cost $3. Not bad.

About a week later, at different store, I found this one in the Woodland pattern. Again, it was pushed to the back of the shelf with other items hiding it. After a quick inspection, it was paid for and on it's way home with me. It was in excellent condition, just like the ones above.

Not a huge fan of this pattern (like many of you), but it's growing on me. As I mentioned before, fridgies seem to be hard to find here in the TC, so I was feeling lucky to find one even if it wasn't in a pattern I collect.

This one cost me $4.

Since they seem to be hard to find, you can imagine my surprise when I found this blue fridgie with an older lid last night! I hesitated for a minute before I decided to purchase it. Glad I decided to buy it as I'm sure it would have been gone by the time I went back.

Yes, it was a little more than I am usually willing to pay at a thrift store, but it was in great shape with only one small chip in the paint. And I haven't seen a blue fridgie that was in such good condition before.

This one set me back $8.00.

Here are all my fridgies together. My beautiful, growing collection of fridgies.

As this is my first post, I would just like to say that I love seeing all your photos and reading your stories. Keep 'em coming!

Happy pyrex hunting this weekend, everybody!

Fab New Teapot

This is our new fave teapot! I first saw one last summer when I bought one for my Dad. It is stamped Pyrex ware for Teamakers Inc. And it comes with a stainless steel basket. My Dad loves it! He loves it so much he wanted to bring it on vacation in Maine, but finally decided against it because of the breakage factor. I love its shape, it's sooooo cool!
                                                     Bad pic of the interior :)

Well in December Dan gave me a mission....find another one but this time for us. We were sick of those infusers that rust. I found ours on Ebay for a reasonnable price (the shipping was good too). We now use it every day for our after dinner tea.

Last night I made a celery root and carrot remoulade salad. I choose the Spring Blossom Green to enhance the colors of the salad. It looks beautiful! And was delicious too.

Have a great weekend!

Last weekend to enter my FAB Pyrex Giveaway! Click right HERE  to enter!

Good Luck