Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BOWLED over!

A funny thing happened while I was busy trying to complete just one bowl set...

What started out as a random bunch of bowls...

...turned into something AMAZING!  You'll have to click over to my blog THRIFT SHOP KARMA to see :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Pyrex Sale!

Happy Cyber Monday! I trust everyone had a Pyrex filled Thanksgiving (those who were celebrating it). My Pyrex was filled with pies, cranberry sauce, stuffing, butter, rolls, everything I could fit on the table.

Now that we're all out of the Turkey comas I'm having a sale at my Etsy shop. Lolabags.etsy.com

50% everything including pyrex art! Use coupon code 50OFF.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pyrex to the rescue!

I was making my traditionnal french canadian meat pies this afternoon and I ran out of little aluminum pie plates way before the filling!

Rats! What was a girl to do?

Use Pyrex of course!

Look how lovely they look in the Pixies!

We all know that everything tastes better in Pyrex!

Happy baking Pyrexians!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

SALE on Vintage Pyrex Goodies

I hope all of you in the U.S. had a wonderful Thanksgiving day! The meals are over and if you are like me, you have begun to make a list of what to get your friends and family for Christmas and maybe even a list of some things you would like for yourself. :)

While you are doing your online shopping this weekend, I would like to invite you over to Erin Ink's Etsy shop for 15% off everything in my shop from Friday, November 25th through Monday, November 28th with the code THANKFUL2011. Erin Ink's 2012 Calendars, Note Cards, Magnets & Art Prints all make unique and fun gifts and stocking stuffers!

I am so thankful for all of my customers and I know a lot of them are the readers/bloggers of The Pyrex Collective I & II, so thank you to all of you!!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Early Thanksgiving!

This year I started a new tradition.

I had a full Vegan Thanksgiving last night.

It was delicious AND healthy, and it was wonderful to get some thankful time to just my man and myself,
before the bigger, full-family celebrations :)

To make matters even better, I served it entirely out of my vintage Pyrex.

I realized that I have a lot of autumn colored pieces.
I would like to find more Christmas hued ones, this holiday season.

Serving out of these beauties really does make the meal taste even sweeter, doesn't it? ;)

XO, Jessica from Crafting Happiness

Need your expertise

Does anyone know if Pyrex produced transparent fridgies, and if they did, would they say Pyrex underneath?

I saw a glass dish that looked like it could be a Pyrex fridgie, with ridges like on the lid, but no Pyrex mark. It was longer than the average fridgie

Sorry,  I don't have a pic.

Thank you if you can shed some light on this!

Red Pyrex Fridgie from Value Village!

Hi Everyone, it's SixBalloons here!

I took a photo of this little red Pyrex refrigerator dish quite some time ago but realize that I never got to share it!

I found it at a Value Village store for $2.99. I've seen little fridgies of this size at VV before, but in such varying conditions (and yet STILL the same price) that I was happy to scoop this little guy up. The red is faded in some areas, but it's mostly bright, shiny, and comes with a glass lid. It's even the older style glass lid with lines on either side of the clear glass.

I love this little size because it's perfect for storing small leftover portions. I also use it sometimes for holding garlic cloves on the countertop. =)

I hope all our neighbours down to the South have a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend! Stop by sometime at sixballoons.blogspot.com!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Pyrex!

check out my other vintage & retro finds below!
- Sir Thrift-A-Lot

It's beginning...

to look a lot like Christmas!!!

I found these Charcoal Snowflake space savers (1 1/4QT and 2 QT) yesterday, after a huge drought.  They were taped together and marked $7.99!  I was so excited- I have a divided charcoal and a casserole, so these were a perfect addition, and even came with a lid!  As I was standing there hugging them, I looked along the shelf of dishes, and what did I find?

A 2 1/2 QT oval casserole! WITH LID!  Oh, happy day!  It was marked $5.99.  I also had a $.99 pack of ornaments, and when I went to pay for my goods, she put them in a box for me.  I was looking at the register, and it said $9.69.  She said I could pick up the box around back, and I told her I hadn't paid for them yet.  She smiled and told me the price- again- $9.69...so I happily paid!  I don't know what happened, but I got a sweet discount- and an early Christmas present!  We are having our own family Thanksgiving dinner this weekend, since we are going to an Aunt's for the actual day.  So technically, I could serve my Thanksgiving dinner in Snowflakes and be totally ok!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

(PS...to see the bowls my mom surprised me with, you can visit me at Under The Bee Tree)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Great Pyrex Finds!

I found a few pieces of Pyrex recently that I haven't seen before.

 A Golden Butterfly 664-this thing is HUGE!!! I had no idea this even existed!

These are a bright lime green and I just LOVE them! I don't know if the carrier is original to this pan or not-do you know?

~Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Turquoise 401 on the Floor

This is the first time I've ever broken something in a thrift store - it's sure not a very nice feeling when it hits the floor and even worse when everybody starts staring at you.  And to make matters worse, it was a 401 turquoise bowl in mint condition, selling for 50 cents.   I felt so bad - I'm still thinking about that beautiful little bowl broken to bits!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Inspiration

Hello! I have had so much fun this week taking pictures of the new items for my Etsy shop because....it involved using my PYREX!!

If you have never visited my Etsy shop, hop on over and take a look! I have taken my passion (obsession) for Pyrex and turned it into art you can use.

I just added my 2012 Recipe Calendars - "Culinary Pleasures in Pyrex Treasures" which features a new vintage Pyrex illustration and a comfort food recipe on each page. And for those of you who like to sew or quilt, a 2012 "Pieces of Time" Calendar with seasonal illustrations filled with images of vintage fabric.

I also added new vintage Pyrex Art Prints. Here are a few of them:

And 5 new sets of vintage Pyrex illustrated note cards. Here are a few of the new ones:

Thanks for looking! www.etsy.com/shop/erinink

Cheers! Erin