Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Putting My Pyrex to Good Use.

As cute as it looks on my shelf,

[and holding candy on my dining room table, serving as a plant holder, etc...]

I have been noticing myself using my Pyrex much more recently for the purpose of
well, COOKING :)

Yeah. How obvious.

But seriously.

This stuff WORKS.

SO Here's to happy Pyrex cooking.
 AND baking.

Oh yeah. And of course creative decorating projects too ;)

XO, Jessica from Crafting Happiness


  1. Hello Jess,

    Wow... I so love your collection. Aren't they adorable? Eye candies...

    I don't blame you with that hobby. They are absolutely gorgeous.

    Greetings from Stockholm City.

  2. 1) You are adorable!

    2) I love using my pyrex, it cooks beautifully, food tastes better and cleans like a dream, the lids are trivets, freezer to oven ease and it's great to look at. SO many reasons to cook with it.

  3. Cute! Once I get my own kitchen (a little more than three months!) I plan on using my Pyrex a lot more for actual cooking.

  4. Sometimes, when I do not know what to make for the family, I figure out which of my Pyrex collection needs some culinary action and that dish will inspire what goes into it! When you cook for a family of six EVERYDAY, you sometimes need these little tricks. Have fun using your Pyrex for its original purpose!