Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How Do You Stack Up?

I am curious:

How do you stack up your Pyrex to have it set up as I have set up my beautiful new set of Butterprint Cinderella bowls I got for $19.19 at Goodwill?

I use shot glasses. They work perfectly!

So, what do you use?


  1. shot glasses - that's a great idea! I use fiesta ware fruit bowls that we got for our wedding, and we just don't really use. I turn them upside down and there you go!

  2. I'm curious too! I asked a vendor at a local flea market and she recommended margargine (or similar) plastic containers, turned upside down. But shot glasses, if they are clear, would be ideal!!

  3. I love your display! I am going to use the margarine tubs (glass on glass makes me shiver) and stack my nesting bowls when I return home.

  4. What a gorgeous set- and what a great deal!

  5. Nice set! I use 1 cup ziploc containers turned upside down without the lids. It's works pretty well. they're kind of clear so you can't see them in pictures.