Monday, January 31, 2011


I love to cook and bake. I have for years but of all the things I've made, I've never made a pie. Not a apple pie, not a no-bake pie, nothing. This was about to change.

I picked up a Aqua/Turquoise pie plate on ebay and made my very first pie ever. I didn't cheat with the crust either. All homemade.

The crust turned out beautifully, not too flaky, not to hard. The pie was chocolate pecan pie and baked up large and formed a crust (I think I used too much filling). Despite that it is/was delicious. I can now add pie maker to my resume.

It kinda bums me out when I read that some people just collect Pyrex and don't use it. This stuff was meant to be used! It totally makes food taste better. Don't let your pieces collect dust. Cook baby, cook!

New Butterfly Gold

This weekend I went back to the thrifts to see what I could see.  I went into the first store, and it was looking like I cleaned them out with the last haul I posted.  But then I went into the second store, and there, on the shelf, these were waiting for me:

My first Butterfly Gold small casseroles, and my first white one as well.  They also had 2 white Colonial nesting mixing bowls for $7 for the two.  It was a great price, but I used control, as I am quickly running out of room, and need to only have pieces that I absolutely love, not just liked a lot. :)  The bottom white one with the lid was $4.99, and the smaller one was $3.99.  Just have to say that I'm loving the Collective, and am learning so much from everyone- new patterns and pieces I've never seen.  I've also read some really cool new blogs.  Speaking of learning from everyone....last post I mentioned a Vera scarf (and erroneously called it Wang), and a few wonderful people who knew textiles (or at least, Vera textiles) were able to correct me and send me in the right direction.  I have another textile question...if you know a bit about designers, I'd love you to visit me here and tell me what you think!  Thanks to all you wonderful Pyrex people- it's great to be a part of this. :)

My Newest Find 01/30/11

Found this w/ no lid at a flea market yesterday for $2.00...Butterptint Amish 1 1/2 pt.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Firsts for me......

Yesterday was a beautiful gorgeous day here in North Florida!! Highs in the 70's, and a cloudless blue sky. So, I persuaded my daughter to go out thrifting with me, and looky what we found. My first Snowflake!!! I almost started giggling when I saw it!! :)

My first piece of Old Orchard (which is not one of my fav patterns) but for the price ($2.00), I couldn't resist!

My first Oil and Vinegar set, which are in great condition except for the missing stoppers.

This next one isn't a first, since I just scored some clear bottom bowls a few weeks ago, but it's a different color....kind of a peach color.

Nothing like a beautiful warm day and some great Pyrex scores to make the upcoming week bearable!!! :)

Twin Server Set

Hello Pyrex Collective!

Just a quick post to share yesterday's thrift find.

I found the two casseroles from the Twin Server Set (1959)
and paid just $6.00 - a great price, especially for this particular thrift.
They were on the top shelf,
and I would have missed them if not for a tall friend.
Thank goodness for friends who support Pyrexia.

Happy Sunday!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friendship :)

Hubs bought this for me today, $2. My 1st friendship pattern (altho I do have the large red friendship, cinderella) - this is my 1st pattern piece. I like it so much, I am wondering what to get rid of.

How it all got started...

You might think I'm crazy, but I didn't start collecting vintage Pyrex because of all of the gorgeous patterned bowls and casseroles. That came later and when it did, it hit me like a fever! I started out wanting to change my kitchen colors from mainly red to bright cheery colors like teal blue, orange and yellow. I thought to myself, I need new dishes to get the inspiration started. I wanted sturdy, vintage, restaurant quality dishes not the fragile ceramic stuff you get at department stores these days that chips first time you accidentally hit it on your counter or another dish. So my quest began to find vintage dishes. The ones on Ebay were expensive and no one was selling a complete set. I looked at all sorts of brands, Pyrex, Fire King, etc. and finally decided I LOVED PYREX! Now I just needed to find some.

A few weeks later, I found a post on Craig's List for some Pyrex restaurant dishes. I was so excited! And the best part about it -- they had a LOT of them to sell!

I got a ton of large and small plates for only $40. I love having extras for those weeks when I neglect doing dishes. :) The large plates are not as big as normal dinner plates. They must have been used in a diner for serving lunch.

I could not believe my luck! A week or so later, I was at a yard sale and nothing seemed special about it until I looked down on the ground next to a table and there was a box full of white dishes with the same blue stripe. I bought the whole box for $5. The box held the large, somewhat flattened bowls, great for spaghetti, the smaller version that I love to use for desserts and two cereal type bowls (all pictured above) and the cups with saucers pictured below. Jackpot! Upon further inspection, I discovered that all of the bowls, cups and saucers are actually Fire King or Anchor Hocking but they match almost perfectly to the Pyrex plates.

The kitchen makeover took off from there and so did my Pyrex fever! How did you begin collecting Pyrex?

Happy Pyrex hunting!

--Erin {}

name this pattern

i picked up this little buddy at goodwill yesterday for 55 cents...

but i can't figure out what pattern it is. i want to list it in my pyrex for trade group on flickr, but i need to know the name. any help?


p.s. i picked up a TON of other pieces that i am currently photographing and writing a post for, so stay tuned.

Pyrex Tragedy!

Just before Chritsmas, as I was taking out some Dept 56 houses to display around the house....and I heard this heart wrenching crash!

Remember this?

If you don't, click HERE for the whole reveal!

So after the crash I picked up the box and heard millions of glass shards moving around.


Since Xmas was just around the corner and I had other things to think about.....I put it off

This week I went and decided to open the box and survey the damage...

OMG I had lost the lid but the casserole was intact. It just fell from 12 inches high and still in the box.... 
 That's life! You win a few, you loose a few....Oh well :(

Friday, January 28, 2011

It Isn't Pink

Hi to all my new friends at the collective!  I am a newbie to collecting vintage pyrex, but as a child of the 70's remember it fondly from my mom's kitchen. (I guess that makes me vintage too!)  I am a big fan of anything pink, so who knew I would start a collection that was pretty much the opposite - turquoise. 

My vintage pyrex butterprint bowl!

My first love has always been vintage linens - but this little bowl stole my heart.  I was out at the local VV thrifting for linens - looking like a walking closet, my arms full with hangers of sheets.  Walking by the bakeware aisle, a little beacon of aqua & white caught my attention.  I practically lunged at the bowl, totally disregarding the fellow shoppers around me, plowing through them like a human clothesline.  I noticed a few sideways glances, as I grabbed the bowl like an olympic medal, restraining from a happy dance there in the aisle.  (C'mon we thrifters have all been there, the victory of a great find.)

The total haul!

The thrill is always in the hunt, so now butterprint is on my thrifting/antiquing list.  Now if I can just find it in the pink...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I love it when things work out!

I still need to clean it :)

Last week I shared that I went to a thrift store that I never go to, and found a cute, little  covered casserole.  In that same trip, I found the beautiful lid to the Verde divided dish for $1.99.  I didn't get it, because I already have the set, and decided to leave it.  WELL....Tuesday I drove by the same little store, and there was a 50% off sign in the window.  Gravity again pulled my vehicle to the curb, and I walked out with the same said lid for one dollar!  Still, not sure what I was buying it for, I thought it was too good to pass up, especially because I love that pattern and it's beautiful green colors.

So then yesterday, we went to our favorite thrift stores for Pyrex, and guess what I found?!!


Can you believe it?  There was the bottom divided dish, just waiting for me to snatch it up!  Then I saw a woman who had the matching mixing bowl in her arms.  I was watching to see if she'd put it down, because she had a lot of things in her arms, when I noticed she was wearing a red apron!  She worked there. :)  So I walked up to her right as she was saying, "I don't know where I'm going to put all this!"  So, being the helpful person I am, (wink)  I asked if I could relieve her load a bit.

I am also so excited to report that in the same store, I found my very first fridgie!!  YAY!

And lastly, in the store across the street, my daughter found me this beautiful bowl:

I love orange- it's one of my favorite colors!  And it's so special, because she found it for me.  This was a pretty big thrift trip in terms of finds...I also found my first Vera Wang can see the rest of it  here!

Pink & Blue

My latest finds:
The Blue Snowflake was purchased earlier this week at Goodwill. I bought it on my birthday – which I consider a sign (of finding more cute Pyrex the rest of the year!).
The pink round dish was bought on eBay.
Instead of posting all my other pieces, here's a link to my Flickr set with all my goodies:My Pyrex

pyrex de-clutter!

its no secret i collect pyrex. and its also no secret that this collection takes up more space than say baseball cards or coins. so it was time for a little de-cluttering and re-organizing.


((( side note: everything pictured above had either been traded or is "for trade" on my flickr. i highly reccomend checking it out!)))

and with a clean slate i was ready to put all my similar patterns together and stream-line my whole collection.

the bottom shelf

for my snowflakes

my colonial mists (and a stray snowflake)

and my various turquoise pieces that are just waiting on their mates (and the token pink casserole)

the middle shelf is...

for the green pieces i have decided to keep (the others are all up for trade on my flickr page)

my fridgies!!

and my slowly growing blue horizon set

and then there's the cherry on top and my favorite shelf... the butterprint collection!

now behold my new organized pyrex collection!!!


i literally sat and admired my pyrex shelf for close to an hour. i would say "don't judge me" but i know most of you do the same thing... so i'm not worried. haha


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pyrex Bandages Jar

I picked this jar up today & something about it to me doesn't scream "vintage". I was telling the wife that it doesn't seem vintage at all & he said maybe it's because of the lid, the lid seems new & it actually came in a bag, so I do reckon the the lid was newly made. He said the glass could still be old.

I did some research online & there are two different versions of the jars, both described as "vintage".

The first jar is the jar I bought. The lid also seems like a similar style of lid as on the one I have purchased, different from the one that looks more vintage than the one in the photo below. Notice how PYREX is on the front of the jar. (source)

These are the ones I'd consider more vintage than the ones above. I couldn't find a photo of a bandages jar that accurately shows were it says PYREX is on these ones, but as you can see the lids are more heavy duty & PYREX is on the back. (source).

Just curious if anyone knows anything about these Pyrex jars. Are they still making them? If not, when did they stop? Is there knock offs? Any additional info is appreciated.

Anyways, it's a cool jar whatever it is. I like it.

Yours truly,
Sir Thrift A Lot

Cute use for a topless fridgie..

Here is a cute use for a topless fridgie by vintagelove who owns a booth in Blue Banana Market here in Kensington Market in the heart of Toronto. Using it to display their business cards.

Yours truly,
Sir Thrift A Lot

Found these cruets today while out thrifting. They were 50 cents each so I snapped them up. The oil is in excellent condition, but the poor vinegar is missing most of its stenciling.

Daisy? Citrus? What the heck is this?

I found this 404 mixing bowl at Goodwill this past week and have been wondering what the pattern is or if it was open stock, etc. As you can see it's sort of in an orange/yellow ombre effect. Does anyone know what this might be? Thank you for the help.


To see the rest of my recent Pyrex finds head over to my blog My Mink Betty.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Butterfly Gold Store and Serve

Over the last few weeks, I've had my mind on the Winter Blahs but this Butterfly Gold pattern makes me think of Autumn!

The Store and Serve pieces are some of my favourite from the Pyrex series. I like the fact that they have lids and stack up so easily. I love making my spinach dips in these, because it's so easy to stick them in the fridge to store.

I purchased this bowl and lid at Value Village for $5.99. Not a bad price for the pristine condition! Make sure to stop by sometime at SixBalloons to say hello!

A home for my junks

I posted this on my regular blog and my thrifting blog but I had to share it here too as all the pieces are one I've documented here.

This was the first project I tackled in my new apartment (I just moved from Seattle to Los Angeles). Luckily all my Pyrex survived the move and have a new happy home.