Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Summer Colors

Katie from Katieebee here! Definitely been a while since I last found Pyrex. Today at my local thrift store I found at least 5 there! I just couldn't buy all them because obviously someone at the thrift store knew the value of Pyrex -__-
Plus, I don't have any more room. Seeing as I am a college student still living with my parents, I think this will be my last Pyrex buy for a while until I can move out. I just have no more room! *tear* It'll be hard to hold back, but I think I can do it!

I thought this orange one was really intriguing. I've never seen one in this bright of an orange! I almost didn't buy it because it was $6, but I decided that it was just too of a color to pass up. Its a 043  1 1/2 quart number 18.

I liked this yellow bowl too. This one was $3. More in my price range. Yeaaa I'm cheap haha. Its a 441 1 1/2 pint, number 23.

Anyone know what collection or year these are? I don't have my hands on a Pyrex Collectors guide yet. Rats.


  1. Great pieces- the colors are so bright and they look beautiful together!

    My local thrifts have been pricing Pyrex way out of my budget lately too ! Totally disappointing :/

  2. I have that same casserole (orange). My *guess* would be town and country (the yellow deff looks like a T&C).

  3. Hi Katie! It looks like the orange could be the bottom of Friendship (1971):

    And the yellow Cinderella mixing bowl is most likely from Daisy (1972):

  4. The bowl is definitely from Daisy, as linda said, but I think that the casserole might be as well.
    Daisy was released in a number of shades of orange in the casserole bottoms over the years.

  5. Oh no! I was so sure the casserole was from the Daisy set, and to learn it might be a Friendship! OMG!

  6. now that i think about it, i do think the yellow is from daisy. there was also a bigger orange mixing bowl with the daisy pattern that i didn't pick up. still hard to tell with the orange dish. oh well! at least one of them was solved :)

  7. It could possibly be for both, since they were produced around the same time. Here's a better photo of the orange Friendship 043 from Alan/Mackem54:

  8. Nice finds! I have the larger yellow bowl, and I thought it might be from the Daisy set, but wasn't sure! Wish I had an orange bowl too!!