Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pyrex Bandages Jar

I picked this jar up today & something about it to me doesn't scream "vintage". I was telling the wife that it doesn't seem vintage at all & he said maybe it's because of the lid, the lid seems new & it actually came in a bag, so I do reckon the the lid was newly made. He said the glass could still be old.

I did some research online & there are two different versions of the jars, both described as "vintage".

The first jar is the jar I bought. The lid also seems like a similar style of lid as on the one I have purchased, different from the one that looks more vintage than the one in the photo below. Notice how PYREX is on the front of the jar. (source)

These are the ones I'd consider more vintage than the ones above. I couldn't find a photo of a bandages jar that accurately shows were it says PYREX is on these ones, but as you can see the lids are more heavy duty & PYREX is on the back. (source).

Just curious if anyone knows anything about these Pyrex jars. Are they still making them? If not, when did they stop? Is there knock offs? Any additional info is appreciated.

Anyways, it's a cool jar whatever it is. I like it.

Yours truly,
Sir Thrift A Lot


  1. Very nice find! I hope I stumble across some of these one day! They would look so cute in a bathroom display.

    --Erin {}

  2. Don't know anything about them, other than I've seen similar ones at my doctor's, but they are newer I'm sure. Like you said though, whatever they are, they are super cool!

  3. I have a 'cotton' jar I purchased at Restoration Hardware about 7 years ago, which looks exactly like the first three you have pictured there. So I would guess those are a part of the newer production, like mine?

    And since Restoration Hardware seems to re-create old things usually with the original manufacturer's permissions, etc., I would guess it's bonafide Pyrex? I'm not sure, but you are right: either way, I LOVE mine!

  4. Very nice you are right.These are a cuter options than the tiny jars I keep mine in now

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