Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Pyrex New Year!

I'm not entirely sure what the proper protocol is on wishing *Happy New Year* to your friends (I think it's safe until MLK day?!) but, HAPPY NEW YEAR from Leah @ Storybook Ranch!!

I just wanted to share a couple of photos from our New Years spread, where we used the heck out of our Pyrex. A while ago, I made a promise before the Pyrex Gods that I would only keep pyrex with the color BLUE. It sure makes things easier for me.

The clear, lidded pyrex dishes are perfect for keeping dips chilled and for storing left overs, as well as for serving.
No transferring from serving dish to storage needed!

Here we used a Blue Amish Butterprint Bowl to hold shrimps and white butterprint casseroles to hold the chips.

In addition to Butterprint, we also used a Snowflake Divided snack dish  (sushi)
and a oblong casserole to hold our dipping breads.  


  1. That is a gorgeous use of Pyrex! I love all that turquoise action :)

  2. I just started collecting pyrex and have promised my hubby that I will only want pink and white...any combo of the two... I am trying to resist a few blue patterns I love...but so far I am in control. Good luck with your "blue only".

  3. All that turquoise Pyrex is beautiful!!

    Tiffany: good luck to you on just collecting pink and white!! LOL Good luck....

  4. Tiffany-Good luck! It really makes it easier to resist the temptations once you make the promise. Otherwise, I'd be picking up misfit pyrex pcs left & right :)

  5. Great pieces and so good to see them being used and enjoyed.
    Happy New Year, Leah!