Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Green Shelf of Goodies!

So I thought I would post about these little beauties since this shelf hasn't changed any - yet! My mom brought me a new town & country bowl the other day, so once I get it washed, I will probably put the three of them together. Right now these "prissy" pieces are all together. The gold acorn and tulip on the top are pretty pieces. The acorn is a 548b 1 1/4qt. The tulip is marked 024 2 qt. The t&c divided casserole is a 1 1/2 qt. It came with a fancy lid that has a medallion pattern on it in gold. I will post a pic of the lid later. The cinderella t&c is a 442 1 1/2 qt bowl. And next is a lovely little buffet twin. And on the bottom is a very cute Dandelion divided casserole.

I need to get some stuff washed and moved around to make some sense of it. I am getting a lot of brown pieces - early american and the old orchard pieces I am not crazy about. The old orchard pieces have brown lids, so they are kinda cool. I also have several pieces of woodland and some solid brown/orange pieces that I do like. I am gonna have to make some decisions on what I do want to collect and what I want to pass on - but I hate to tell my mom not to buy certain things, cause she finds some really good stuff for me!!


  1. Those are all lovely, very classic pieces. Definitely worthy of a prominent place in your home.

  2. Nice pieces! I know what you mean about the brown pieces. Not my favorites but I hate to pass them up when they are cheaply priced. I wasn't real crazy about the Forest Fancies Cinderella bowl set that I scored this past weekend, but for the price I couldn't pass them up.