Friday, January 14, 2011

Orange and Yellow

I just did a major move from Seattle to Los Angeles. Boy I'm going to miss those Seattle thrift stores, They are such goldmines!

On my last thrift run I found some really awesome pieces.

I picked up these two fridgies for $5 each and the casserole for $6.

I found this lidless guy for $4. 

Such great deals, I'll miss Sea-Town!
We shall see what LA brings...


  1. I love those!! Such happy colors!!

  2. a. OMG I never find fridgies around Seattle! You must go earlier in the day than I do. ;)

    b. I think you are the Ana that someone confused me for in the Renton Goodwill a few weeks back! My boyfriend found something and said 'Hey, Anna!' and another couple browsing said, 'Anna from the Thrift Collective?' (of which I see you are a member) and I said, 'No, but Anna from the Pyrex Collective?' So, hi there other thrifty An(n)a! :)

  3. ahh i got a yellow one just like that! i also just got an orange one, but i think from the daisy collection. they're such fun colors!

  4. I found the first group at the Fremont Antique mall. There's lots of overpriced pyrex in there but those were some steals.

    @Victory Garden Whatttt? That's crazy! I'm famous!

  5. See, I'm not allowed to go into antique malls...there is always just too much pretty Pyrex and I want it all!

    You are totally famous and I was totally confused! But I was like, wait, does she have 1 'n' or 2 in her name, because if she has 1, I think she's on the Pyrex Collective, too!

  6. That's so cool, Thanks for passing that story along!

  7. Hi Ana and Anna --

    It was my wife and I that saw you at the Goodwill! It's rare we see kindred spirits while we're thrifting! :-)

    --Bit of Butter (