Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh So Cute!

Today as I was driving with my daughter to the grocery store, we drove past this tiny thrift shop that we never go into, because really, it's all junk.  But I felt a strong gravitational pull towards the store, and found myself parking.  My daughter asked, "Why are we going here, Mama?"  I answered honestly: "I don't know!"  One minute in the store produced the answer:

Hello Woodland!

This really is the cutest little thing!  It's only 500mls, and I felt the need to put it next to a dime to show size (but I refrained).  I now have two pieces of the Woodland pattern.  I don't know that I would pick any other pieces up in this particular pattern, but the size alone sold me... and the fact that it was $1.50!  Here they are together:

Friends Forever!

The bowl is a small one (the kids use it for cereal!), and you can see how it dwarfs the casserole (sorry the pictures aren't as clear as they should be!).   I also found the lid to the Verde divided dish.  I already have it (if you want to take a peak at it, plus a few of my other pieces you can see them here ) so I resisted the urge.  It was only $1.99, and I could probably save it in case mine breaks, or to sell or giveaway...haha- am I talking myself into going back?!


  1. I like the Woodland pattern too!!!

  2. I have one piece of the woodland pattern but I like it. Love the little casseroles!!

  3. I have the FEVER real bad you know the PYREX fever!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want every piece and just gave away about 10 pieces because I was just buying them for a friend after seeing your displays I want them all back from my friend!!!!!!!!!LOLOLOLOL

  4. That looks like the size of the little Woodland that I purchased on Sunday at the flea market. It's my first piece in that pattern. Aren't they cute? You did real good and it was good that you trusted your inner Pyrex instinct and stopped at that thrift store!! :)