Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Odds and Ends

Christmas is such a busy time - there was still time to run into Value Village to check for Pyrex but no time to take pictures of it and write the finds up on the Collective.  Now that everything is packed up and put away - it's time to catch up with some treasures that I found before Christmas.   I discovered this blue 1 1/2 qt casserole with lid - I've been looking on Pyrex Love and the auction sites but haven't seen one just like it - I wonder which set it goes with???  I'm sure I paid no more than $3.99 for it, as that seems to be the going price for casseroles at my VV.  This little Butterprint fridgie was just sitting all by itself one day - no lid but that's ok, for 99 cents, I'll take it!

You don't expect to see garage sales in North East Ontario in December, but I did and I pulled over quickly when I spotted something turquoise - my eyes did not deceive me - it was two turquoise mixing bowls - 401 and 402, plus one lid with 406 on it - it fits perfectly - did lids ever come with mixing bowls??  The bowls have seen better days - the finish is not smooth and glossy but who can go wrong when the price is 50 cents for three pieces!!

My last purchase of 2010 yielded these two cups in the Flamingo dinnerware pattern, unfortunately they are not the saucers, but salad plates - they still look really pretty!  I have never seen any Pyrex dinnerware at VV before - so this was an exciting find!  Each cup was priced at 99 cents, the plates at $1.99 but they ended up to be cheaper when I used my 30% discount card!  Great deal!!

Hope we all find some special Pyrex pieces in the months ahead - Happy New Year!


  1. I do think you found some great Pyrex! I love the butterprint fridgie and even without a lid, and 99 cents...score! Love the bowls and the Flamingo dinnerware. Great items.

  2. Your casserole is from the Horizon pattern.

    I might have a couple of spare saucers that I could send you if you want.

    Let me know @

  3. WOOO, you found some beautiful finds!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog during the Zutter Blog Hop.

  4. My mom just got my sister a bunch of those dishes. I don't know how many pieces, but I about had a heart attack when she opened the dishwasher and they were in there!!! Me and my momma adamantly warned her not to use the dishwasher on beloved Pyrex!!!

    I think fridgies could be a treatable addiction. To me they are just so cute and they were the first tupperware containers. I don't remember using those, but my husband remembers his grandma using those in her fridge.

  5. Very, very nice!! I wish I could find a whole set of the Pyrex dishes! I have a few odds and ends of several patterns, but not whole sets.

  6. Lucky woman. I've never seen a Pyrex bowl with a lid on it. I like the look.
    P.S. I'm moving to chilly Northern Ontario if that's what it takes to get swish Pyrex pieces.