Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Pyrex!!

I got something in the mail!! I got her from ebay. I had a certificate from them and I searched around for a dish I would like and reasonable shipping. I found this Spring Blossom with lid.

I love it so much but I was not happy when it arrived. OMG, I opened the box and it smelled of smoke. SMOKE! It came right out of the box. I didn't think dishes could hold the smell but it did. Also, the lid had brown grim in around the lid. I scrubbed it like mad, hoping I don't rub the design off. The boyfriend is trying to help me get the grime out. It's deep in there.

I really love this design. I need to find other styles though. haha.. I want the black snowflake one. Those are pretty.


  1. Very nice Spring Daisy dish!! I hate it for you that it was all grimy. Seems to me that the seller could have cleaned it up a bit.

  2. ughh that's the WORST when something so pretty smells like smoke. Just give it up, people!!!
    other than that it's a way cool dish. Yay for free pyrex!

  3. Wonderful Pyrex! Don't be afraid to use a toothpick for those tiny crevices! Hate cigarette smoke! ugh!